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  • NOM Speakers Claim Victimhood At St Paul Rally

    The National Organization for Marriage held yet another rally in front of an imposing, columned edifice yesterday, this time on the grounds of the Minnesota State Capitol. Their main message: “traditional marriage” advocates are a besieged minority continuing a path blazed by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, in the face of attacks by […]

  • Pastor says Minnesota gays teach kids how to masturbate

    In one of the more bizarre speeches at the Minnesota Family Council’s rally for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, Hastings Pastor Brad Brandon said he saw “homosexuals” teaching children how to masturbate in the rotunda at the State Capitol a few weeks ago. A check of news clips and Capitol schedules by TheColu.mn […]

  • More groups join demonstration against Prop 8 leaders at U of St. Thomas

    While the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis brings in a pair of leaders in the Prop 8 movement to rescind marriage rights for California’s same-sex couples, more LGBT and allied groups have signed on to hold a demonstration outside a lecture by the duo on Saturday morning. Archbishop John Neinstedt has invited Maggie Gallagher […]

  • NY Marriage Bill, Gov. Paterson’s Hail Mary Go Down In Flames

    The New York State Senate has voted down Governor David Paterson’s political future – er, I mean, has voted 38-24 against a bill which would have legalized same-gender marriage in the Empire State. The bill had been twice passed by the lower house of the state’s legislature: once in July, 89-52, and for a second […]

  • Katherine Kersten’s gay friends don’t like gay marriage either?

    Minnpost.com published an interview with Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten in which Kersten says that an unidentified “gay leadership” are silencing the voices of “the gay community.” It’s enlightening to hear Kersten praise members of the very community she consistently criticizes. I think there’s the majority of gay people, who intend to live good, ordinary […]

  • The National: WWJD? Kill the Homeless to Stop Gay Marriage, Apparently

    As the Washington, D.C. City Council gets ready to vote on whether to allow same-gender marriage, the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington issued an ultimatum to the councilmembers on Wednesday – ‘make sure the Church or its daughter organizations don’t have to extend benefits to same-sex partners in its employ, or we stop feeding the homeless.’ […]

  • What about left-handed marriages?

    Kristofer Layon gives Katherine Kersten a run for her money in the absurdity contest in the Strib, but Kersten still wins, because that was Layon’s point. If southpaws achieve equality, will it ruin our right-handed culture, a culture that has existed for thousands of years? “How would left-handed marriage hurt your marriage?” Advocates of changing […]

  • The National: Mormon Church Backs Queer Rights!?!?

    Just what are you playing at, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Your communications director sidles up to the bar and announces your support for ordinances before the Salt Lake City Council that would ban housing and employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. He says you find these ordinances […]

  • The National: New York Plays Games With My Heart; Bro or Bear?

    Last week, New York Governor David Paterson called the state legislature into a special session to deal with two pressing issues – a state budget deficit that tops $3 Billion and a popularity deficit that would see the governor lose to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by a whopping 20% to 70% in a potential […]

  • The National: Thrown Under the Bus; Gays Begin Takeover Salt Lake City

    More details keep emerging that show the Democratic Party is throwing prominent parts of the LGBT legislative agenda under the bus – and lying about it. First, Joe.My.God reports that “Organizing for America”, President Obama’s network of grassroots organizers, was contacting Mainers via email right before Tuesday’s election, encouraging them to call New Jersey voters […]