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Pastor says Minnesota gays teach kids how to masturbate


Pastor Brad Brandon
In one of the more bizarre speeches at the Minnesota Family Council’s rally for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, Hastings Pastor Brad Brandon said he saw “homosexuals” teaching children how to masturbate in the rotunda at the State Capitol a few weeks ago. A check of news clips and Capitol schedules by TheColu.mn did not turn up any such event.

Brandon, a young pastor from the Hastings area, was among several dozen people who showed up for the rally on Thursday afternoon. He fired up the crowd by saying that homosexuals teach kids to masturbate.

“We as Christians, as followers of the lord Jesus Christ, we need to be bold in such a time as this,” he said. “This is an assault on our culture and I don’t think god takes it very lightly when we mess with the image of Jesus Christ.”

He said he was at the Capitol a few weeks ago. “A group of homosexuals were here and they were teaching a group of high school students that masturbation was okay right here in this rotunda! This must stop!

He added, “We are the last stand.”

Brandon’s was among several other speeches at the Capitol. Here are some highlights.

The Minnesota Family Council’s communications director, Chuck Darrell: “God’s design is for marriage between a man and a woman.”

Rep. Steve Gottwalt, R-St. Could: “I believe that we need every single one of you that understands the importance of marriage to go out and evangelize this society.”

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa: “By passing this we will be supporting our families, supporting our culture, supporting our future… Let me assure you the people on the other side of the issue, the people who are trying to change the definition of marriage, the people who are trying to bring their ideas to redefine something that has been in our culture and defined by our beliefs for a millenia, unfortunately. there are people who want to bring moral relativism to the discussion.”

“There was one committee meeting where two gay men came forward with a young gal — she had to be a three footer; she was young. And I said to them, ‘okay you got two guys and no mother,’ how do they learn what it is like to be a mom? How does she learn that? and that’s what we are here for.”

Barb Davis White, a candidate attempting to get the Independence Party endorsement this weekend to run against Rep. Keith Ellison:

[Comparing single motherhood to lesbians] “I’ve seen two women, a mother and a grandmother, raising sons. Those sons are pretty much destined for the jail cell.”

“My opponent, who happens to be a Muslim, who studies the Koran, is not for one man-one woman marriage, so we have that dichotomy.”

Doug Benson of Marriage Equality Minnesota, managed to get a banner hung over the side of the rotunda above the anti-marriage equality activists.


  1. ohh I see – so now kids,teens “have to be taught to Masterbate”? REALLY??? Wow- where do thse nutjobs get this stuff? IF they said this stuff about any other Minority- all Hell would break loose. But, since its spreading LIES about LGBT Tax Paying Americans….we hear Crickets. Its NO wonder I have NOTHING to do with any religion anymore……Science & Reality are my religion!

  2. “Hastings Pastor Brad Brandon said he saw “homosexuals” teaching children how to masturbate in the rotunda at the State Capitol a few weeks ago.”

    So he ACTUALLY saw this happening and did nothing to stop it, or even call the police. Really, pastor? How EXACTLY did he know that these teachers were homosexual? Were they wearing a “Homosexual Masturbation Class” t-shirt? Just because the so-called pastor is clearly homophobic, doesn’t mean he should be fabricating stories to support his position.

  3. Anyone who falls for this is mindless. This is not what Pastor Brandon said. you all should be ashamed for lying.

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