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The National: HRC Ditches Bus For Veterans On DADT Lobby Day, Holds Reception For Board Instead


AmericaBlog is reporting an anonymous source at the Servicemembers’ Legal Defense Network has told them that the Human Rights Campaign yesterday pulled out of an agreement to pay for a bus that would shuttle 50 veterans to meetings with lawmakers and the Pentagon Working Group studying how to implement a DADT repeal, as part of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Veterans’ Lobby Day set for next week. Instead, AmericaBlog writes, the bus funds would be put towards a previously-unplanned reception for the HRC’s board.

Apparently showing off the event to the board is more important than actually making the event as effective as possible. A source at Servicemembers United, the other main organizer coordinating the Veterans Lobby Day, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that ‘[we] have to fight a new battle every day, sometimes multiple times a day, with HRC to get them to simply do the right thing and put the interests of these vets and the issue ahead of [HRC’s] own organizational self-promotion. It’s really beyond belief.’

The HRC denied the report in a message to Towleroad, saying the issue was merely “unresolved” at the time of the report, and they would indeed be paying for the bus. The news comes as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters yesterday that President Obama has neither kept him informed about plans for a repeal on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (enabling him to keep reporters informed), nor has he spoken with Defense Secretary Bob Gates since Gates sent a letter to the House Armed Services Committee stating his strong opposition to legislative action on a DADT repeal before the Pentagon Working Group finishes its study. The news has further fueled suspicion that Obama has decided to abandon DADT repeal until after the 2010 election, when it could be very difficult to pass a repeal if the Democrats loose control of the House of Representatives, as projected.


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