Author: James Sanna

  • Battling for the High Ground Over Marriage Rights

    As national groups plan their battles over the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, each side is competing to be seen as most reasonable. At the same time, both risk alienating the public if the campaigns descend into inflammatory rhetoric. “I’m not looking forward to a year of discord and ugliness,” said Southwest resident […]

  • Protesting For Equality A Father-Daughter Tradition

    For St. Louis Park attorney Bill Starr and his daughter Becca, Saturday’s protest at the Capitol against a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage—which will be up for a statewide vote in 2012—isn’t the first protest they’ve been to together. In fact, it’s something of a father-daughter tradition. Read more at St Louis […]

  • Generational Divide Shows Between Anti-Amendment Protesters at the Capitol

    Generational Divide Shows Between Anti-Amendment Protesters at the Capitol

    For the better part of three days, chants reverberated throughout the State Capitol building, and any pair of ears that pushed through the front doors under that opulent marble dome overlooking downtown St. Paul ran smack into an incoherent porridge of voices. Climbing the stairs, the rhythmic mess of sound clarified into chants from the […]

  • U of M Researcher Says Ex-Gays Misrepresented Research in IPhone App

    Well-known University of Minnesota professor Dr. Gary Ramafedi told the Minnesota Daily that “ex-gay” group Exodus International has intentionally misrepresented his research on adolescent sexuality in their iPhone app. Ramafedi, whose work focuses primarily on HIV/AIDS, said that the conservative Christian group claimed his study on the demographics of LGBTQ youth in Minnesota showed that […]

  • LGBT Activists Question Target’s New Giving Policies

    Last week, Target Corp announced what some are billing as a major change in their corporate giving policies, in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last summer’s public relations fiasco, following their donation of $150,000 to anti-LGBT Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for Governor. However, at least one LGBT political group is skeptical that the […]

  • Season Of Leadership Change

    Two rising stars of the Minnesota queer non-profit world are challenging the traditional ways non-profits typically select their Executive Directors, and are trying to include the community in their efforts.

  • Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Hastings “Laramie Project” Performance on Sunday

    The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Hastings on Sunday to picket a performance of the Laramie Project at Hastings High School.  Surprisingly, though, the response from counter-protesters and the school district is: “yawn.” “Whether or not they actually show up,” Hastings School District Tim Collins told, “we’re preparing for the standpoint that we […]

  • Was the NGLTF too embarrassed to let Target sponsor Creating Change? [Updated]

    Looking at the list of sponsors for Creating Change 2011, there’s one notable name missing from the list: Target Corp. According to Minnesota Public Radio’s Laura Yuen, a Target spokesperson spun their absence as an unfortunate victim of circumstance: “We had discussions with the [National Gay and Lesbian Task Force] about a potential sponsorship, and […]

  • Ethel Merman For Equality

    In 2011, if someone told you old Ethel Merman songs could have a part in positive social change, would you believe them?

  • No LGBT Bullying Protections At Dead Miltona Teen’s High School

    Eighteen year-old Lance Lundsten, of Miltona, died Saturday night as a result of a suicide attempt. According to KSAX, Lundsten was gay, and his friends say his death was the result of anti-gay bullying at school. Shari Maloney, of the Alexandria-area Diversity Resource Action Alliance, told KSAX that bullying was a very big issue in […]