The National: WWJD? Kill the Homeless to Stop Gay Marriage, Apparently

As the Washington, D.C. City Council gets ready to vote on whether to allow same-gender marriage, the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington issued an ultimatum to the councilmembers on Wednesday – ‘make sure the Church or its daughter organizations don’t have to extend benefits to same-sex partners in its employ, or we stop feeding the homeless.’ Apparently, the Christian thing to do is treat some of the most down-trodden and needy as expendable bargaining chips, instead of raising questions of religious freedom.

Through the D.C. branch of Catholic Charities, the Archdiocese partners with the city to provide food and shelter for numerous homeless people, as well as a number of other services. While the Archdiocese is not the largest provider of any one social service, were it to walk away from these contracts, reports say that the impact would be felt.

The Washington Blade reports that councilmembers have agreed on a compromise bill yesterday that would further exempt religious organizations from leasing space or otherwise providing goods or services for a same-gender marriage. Several councilmembers have gone on record opposing any further compromise that would let religious organizations or churches deny partner benefits to same-gender couples.

The bill is expected to pass with overwhelming support, and Mayor Adrian Fenty has promised he will sign the measure.


Arkansas – A (straight) 10-year-old won’t say the pledge of allegiance because the country discriminates against his gay friends. (The Arkansas Times).

D.C. – Hate crime against two women, and another person who is either trans or was in drag at the time of the incident. Members of the national MS-13 gang alegedly threw stones and bottles, calling the trio “lesbians” and “faggot,” and leaving one woman with “life-threatening injuries. Jeez – If they’re going to do a serious bashing, they at least ought to get their slurs right. (Washington Blade)

D.C. – ENDA advances to the next challenge in the American Gladiator competition that is the legislative process. The House Education and Labor Committee will vote next Wednesday on the bill, which will then be sent to the full House. However, even though many legislators in the House and Senate are supportive, nothing’s in the bag, yet.(Washington Blade, The Bilerico Project)

Tennessee – One of two suspected arsonists arrested for trying to light the pride flag on fire at Memphis’ LGBT community center is an active member of the Tennessee Air National Guard. (Towleroad)

Utah – The Mormon Church hints at support for statewide non-discrimination rights on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. We’re just waiting for the backlash. (The Advocate)

Alabama – Turns out, national news coverage can cow local school district officials into letting you take your girlfriend to the prom. (The TimesDaily)

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