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The National: New York Plays Games With My Heart; Bro or Bear?


Last week, New York Governor David Paterson called the state legislature into a special session to deal with two pressing issues – a state budget deficit that tops $3 Billion and a popularity deficit that would see the governor lose to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by a whopping 20% to 70% in a potential Democratic primary. To solve the former, Paterson is proposing a raft of contentious cuts to state budgets; for the latter, Paterson is suggesting he cajole the state Senate into passing a same-gender marriage bill. The lower house of the state legislature passed a version of the bill earlier this year. New York City is full of gays, that’s for sure…but would you bet your political life on convincing them that “gullible” is written on the ceiling of the Senate chambers?

The Senate Majority Leader (yes, that Senate Majority Leader)seems to agree that Paterson is playing games with our hearts, and is calling shenanigans on the move.

“We’ve always said the D.R.P. is the priority,” said Senator Pedro Espada Jr., the majority leader, referring to the governor’s deficit reduction plan. “We also know there’s a great expectation surrounding marriage equality. And my personal view is it should come up for a vote. As for when, let’s just put it this way: In my view I think it will follow the D.R.P.”

For now, the vote is delayed (h/t The Washington Blade’s Bladewire) as the full Senate ponders Paterson’s budget recommendations, and Senate Republicans ponder their reelection campaigns. But, if it passes, I’ll bet many liberal New Yorkers would totally reconsider their disdain for Paterson.


Ohio – This Ohio high school is just the latest to form a “beard club” to further their self-expression. I must say, I take a bit offense at this – it feels like half of my high school and college years were spent playing “he loves me not” with many dubiously straight male classmates. Now they’re starting to look like otters and bear cubs, on purpose? (Towleroad)

D.C. – Last week’s ENDA hearing was attended by all of five senators (out of the twenty-some-odd who sit on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee), including our own Al Franken. Far from meaning the legislation is dead, this was a sign that ENDA is very much alive and being spearheaded by some smart folks. (Transgender Workplace Diversity Blog)

D.C. – A new survey shows support in the military for Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is around 40% right now, and shrinking. (The Boston Globe)

Alabama – Proms, high school lesbians, and southern high school principals do not mix well. Again. (Towleroad)

Michigan – HIV is a terrorist weapon. Wait, what? (Michigan Messenger)

Ohio – Cleveland debates adding gender identity to their anti-discrimination ordinances. (Fox 59/WXIN)

Maine – Anonymous dipsh*ts threaten to kill opponents of same-gender marriage. This should not be what gay men mean when they tell straight men “we’re just the same as you” in trying to build understanding across the divides of sexuality! (Fox 28)