Tag: Marriage Equality

  • The National: New York Plays Games With My Heart; Bro or Bear?

    Last week, New York Governor David Paterson called the state legislature into a special session to deal with two pressing issues – a state budget deficit that tops $3 Billion and a popularity deficit that would see the governor lose to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by a whopping 20% to 70% in a potential […]

  • The National: This Is What A Bashing Looks Like

    A surveillance camera at a nearby shop caught footage of last Friday’s vicious beating of 49-year-old Jack Price in Queens, NYC. The suspects claim they were beating Price in self-defense…for a full minute, while Price cowers on the pavement in a fetal position (via Joe.My.God). Police say the men taunted him with anti-gay slurs before […]

  • The National: Search For “Village of Lesbians” Breaks Sweden’s Internet

    Ok, so I’m breaking the rule about this being a national news round-up, but how can you not pass on a story like this? The state news agency Xinhua made up a story a few days ago about a long-lost city of 25,000 hot women in the north of Sweden living together in sexy bliss. […]