• Weekend Preview Plus 2/11 through 2/18/11

    Valentine’s weekend starts with Esme Rodriguez and the cast of the Sequin Show for MCTC’s first ever drag cabaret. Love To Love Drag! The evening of fun, frocks and frolic will be concluded with a panel discussion with the performers and audience about drag, performing, gender, and gender identity. Also on Friday! “Gender Responsive” Prison Expansion […]

  • The National: Mormon Church Backs Queer Rights!?!?

    Just what are you playing at, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Your communications director sidles up to the bar and announces your support for ordinances before the Salt Lake City Council that would ban housing and employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. He says you find these ordinances […]

  • The National: New York Plays Games With My Heart; Bro or Bear?

    Last week, New York Governor David Paterson called the state legislature into a special session to deal with two pressing issues – a state budget deficit that tops $3 Billion and a popularity deficit that would see the governor lose to state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by a whopping 20% to 70% in a potential […]

  • The National: In Which David Mixner Uses Funny Logic, and The World Ends Because of Gay Marriage

    With no messiahs to elect today, and only cranky small-time officials to vote for, most people don’t care about voting day — except for a lot of LGBT folks. Maine votes on a popular referendum to decide the fate of same-gender marriage in the state while Washington state voters get to decide whether or not […]

  • The National: Arlen Spector Flips on DOMA. David Beckham Flips, Too?

    In an editorial in the Huffington Post, ex-Republican Arlen Spector (D-PA) declares the federal Defense of Marriage Act “a relic of a more tradition-bound time and culture,” reversing his support for the legislation that bars federal recognition of same-gender marriage. Specter’s reversal is the latest in a rising tide of support for the law’s repeal. […]

  • The National: This Is What A Bashing Looks Like

    A surveillance camera at a nearby shop caught footage of last Friday’s vicious beating of 49-year-old Jack Price in Queens, NYC. The suspects claim they were beating Price in self-defense…for a full minute, while Price cowers on the pavement in a fetal position (via Joe.My.God). Police say the men taunted him with anti-gay slurs before […]

  • The National: Just What Did He Promise?

    Since we don’t really publish on weekends, we missed much of the big news around the National Equality March. The short story: Obama promised to end DADT, but didn’t lay out any kind of timetable. Based on messages coming from the administration recently, that’s pretty much an empty promise. Many involved with the March lay […]

  • The National: Search For “Village of Lesbians” Breaks Sweden’s Internet

    Ok, so I’m breaking the rule about this being a national news round-up, but how can you not pass on a story like this? The state news agency Xinhua made up a story a few days ago about a long-lost city of 25,000 hot women in the north of Sweden living together in sexy bliss. […]

  • The National: Obama Throws Us a Bone. But Will He Clean His Plate of Campaign Promises?

    Yay! We get a gesture from the President! Barack Obama nominated his first openly LGBTQ ambassador, GLAAD’s General Counsel David Huebner, who will work on his tan whilst representing the US in New Zealand and Samoa. Less-critical ambassadorships like this tend to go to a president’s political supporters and successful fund-raisers who want a vacation. […]

  • The National: Lesbians, Gays Responsible for Trans Murders?

    EDGE Boston, a New England LGBT news websites, has the second story in a series looking at anti-trans violence, highlighting transphobia among the LGB members of the community. EDGE singles out a story from Tuscon: Last October, a transgender woman was attacked by a gay man while attending a race at the Tucson Greyhound Park. […]