Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Weekend Preview Plus 1/20 – 1/26/11

It's The Wekend Preview Plus: your one-stop shop for LGBT nightlife in the Twin Cities. This week, we've got a great mix of parties,...’s Halloween Homosexual Agenda

Missed the Zombie Pub Crawl, but still have that itch to smear your least-favorite outfit with fake blood and shamble about downtown? Dying...

Seth Meyers went to Flip Phone’s Queer Bomb and had a great time

Saturday Night Live alum and current host of NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers was in Minneapolis last week and stumbled onto a popular...

A Third Rail Made From Brass

Highlights from the comments section from our review of the newly-remodeled Brass Rail, which touched off a storm of comments. Many of the...

Dropping Anchor or Setting Sail? | Do it at Fleet!

Fleet is tonight at the Minneapolis Armory How many of you have walked past the Minneapolis Armory over the past years and thought it would...

A (Gay) Halloween Guide

What are you doing for Halloween, the gayest night of the year? has rounded up a list of some of the best parties...

Weekend Preview Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Oscar Night options and a blowout for the blowhard herself! Mama Stevie's turning - how old are you this year Vera - The Truth!!!

Club Metro is back! But in Somerset, Wis.

The once popular Club Metro in St. Paul closed seven years ago, but the bar may make a comeback -- in Somerset, Wisconsin. On...’s guide to this weekend: Mismatched at the Eagle

Looking for a fun night out? There is plenty to do this weekend. One event that is not to be missed in...

Weekend Preview Plus – 2/24/11 through 3/5/11

The week ahead is so jam packed I am exhausted even putting the Weekend Preview Plus together for you!