The Bitch is Back and She’s Bringing Flowers!

Well Muffins, I have had a busy time of it in the past couple of weeks.  I will have new shows coming out regularly and here’s the first of them.

10013571_10151891800875796_1529077467_nIt is always my pleasure to sit down with my gal pal, Bitch Flowers.  This show is about the origins of April Showers bring Bitch Flowers and the upcoming show at the Varsity Theater this coming Friday.  You simply will NOT want to miss this one!  Special guest Pandora Boxx will be here and both Nina Di Angelo as well as CeeCee Russell, long time favorites at the Gay 90’s LaFemme Show lounge, will take the stage to entertain you as well.  After which DJ Lindsay Sheik will be spinning for an after party/dance.  I know I will be taking Thursday just to rest and prepare for what promises to be a delightful night of frolic and fun!

Sit back and enjoy the show where you will hear all the specifics of this year’s Extravaganza!

Love & Peace Muffins!


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