Author: Mrs. Pederson

  • Easter Bonnet Parade at the Eagle

    Video taken by Jody Koenig In this city if you blink – you miss a lot!  For those of you who were not downtown on Sunday to see all of the fabulousness watch this little video and stay tuned into’s photo show coming soon! The Easter Bonnet Parade is an annual event at the […]

  • The Never-ending Weekend Blur!

    Well it has been a busy time lately and I have a ton to new photos to share!  I have just added 50 photos to’s Flickr stream taken over the past few days.  They include shots from the Eagle last Friday and Saturday, pics from Manic Monday at the Independent last Monday and last […]

  • Weekend Preview Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

    Oscar Night options and a blowout for the blowhard herself! Mama Stevie’s turning – how old are you this year Vera – The Truth!!!

  • The Hangover: Politics, People, Places and Hair

    You just gotta LOVE the diversity of our Twin Cities.  Where else in a Metro our size can you locate such a spectrum of individuality and opinion?  The weekend began with a summit for providers concerned about and working to reverse the rising rates of new HIV infection among young men who have sex with […]

  • Weekend Preview is a Drag!

    Well in the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day blitz there seems to be only one game in town this weekend.  Drag!  Whether you plan on going to the theater or clubbing the recommendation is the same.  Good luck trying to get a ticket to the weekend shows of Dixie’s Tupperware Party.  All weekend performances are […]

  • The Hangover: Drag queens, weddings, and VD crew had some VD fun (Valentine’s Day not Venereal Disease) this weekend attending a slew of “love” themed parties, most of which went well. For some, however, has got no love to share. Thursday brought the Red Party by VENEM at Barfly. Between 10 and 10:30 the “former teen heartthrob” and “casting call […]

  • Mrs. P says Save A Bundle at the gay station

    Margie says “Get Stuffed and Fill ‘Er Up!”

  • It’s a sporty weekend with Locker Room and Super Bowl

    Save your time and your pennies – pass on Virtuosity. See Rent instead!

  •’s guide to this weekend: Mismatched at the Eagle

    Looking for a fun night out? There is plenty to do this weekend. One event that is not to be missed in The Mismatched Game being held in The Bolt Underground on Saturday January 30 from 8pm – Midnight. The event is benefiting The Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League. Tonight – why not head on […]

  • Tickles Grand Relocating

    Tickles reopens New Year’s Eve 2009 at 420 South 4th Street. Nicole Miller begins tickling the ivories tonight at 9pm!