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Weekend Preview is a Drag!


Well in the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day blitz there seems to be only one game in town this weekend.  Drag!  Whether you plan on going to the theater or clubbing the recommendation is the same.  Good luck trying to get a ticket to the weekend shows of Dixie’s Tupperware Party.  All weekend performances are sold out – in part thanks to Gay Twin Cities and the fabulous Dave Em!  Never fear though the discount for tickets to upcoming shows is still available so get you tickets now or listen jealously to the raves from everyone who made it.   Not in the mood for burping, head on down to Drag 911 with Mama Stevie. If you have not migrated to the Foot In The Door that is another good bet but be prepared to be a little cramped this early in the exhibit.

PEGASUS! “Love for sale” at the Bedlam on Friday at 10:30pm. Look for lot’s of drag and talent acts from the queer underground.


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