It seems only fitting that your Superbowl weekend should begin with a theme.  Why not start it out with a trip to The Locker Room?  Locker Room is an 18+ night at Jetset Bar located at 115 North First Street Minneapolis, MN.  It features drink specials and a DJ spinning house/R&B.

Not in the mood to club it we suggest taking in RENT.

Measure Your Life In Love

Whether you’ve seen the film, the stage production or only heard the music you have no doubt heard of it.

This local production is chock full of supreme talent and a safe bet for a fun night out.

One casual warning of what not to see is Virtuosity at the Pantages.  I went to last night’s production with friends and they played to barely a quarter house.  The talent was there but it didn’t dazzle.  We left after the first act when they forced us into audience participation.  It also was pretty darned hetero-sexist even though the guys were all very cute and knew how to strut it on stage.

Looking for big hair?  You can’t go wrong at Drag 911 with Mama Stevie, Esme Rodriguez, Kendra Blake and Barbara Gordon down at Rumors/Innuendo.  Not into Drag – how about settling in at Tickles for a night of Piano Bar Karaoke?

Finally, why not kick back Sunday at Camp for their Superbowl party.

Whatever you do this weekend, remember you can always capture your special moments and send them to us at for inclusion in our online photo show!

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