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News you can’t find anywhere else; Invest in The Column today

News you can’t find anywhere else; Invest in The Column today


The Column is committed to providing original reporting on issues and events that you cannot find anywhere else. In-depth reporting on LGBT issues is largely nonexistent in mainstream media, and until The Column, Minnesota didn’t have a source for dedicated LGBT news, politics, and culture. Especially one that is community-owned, accountable to a board and dependent on community support to operate.

Some successes in our first year:

*The Column was the first media outlet in Minnesota to report on the Minnesota Child Protection League and its attempt to derail the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act, also known as the anti-bullying bill. Our coverage of the anti-bullying bill spanned more than 60 articles as the bill made its way to becoming law.

*The Column was the only LGBT-focused news outlet in Minnesota to cover the transgender-inclusive high school athletics policy, devoting 25 articles to the issue over three months. We exposed the anti-transgender groups behind the policy and brought in the voices of those that the policy would most affect — transgender youth.

*The Column was the only media outlet in the state to report on Trinity Works’ attempts to recruit members of the LGBT community to the “ex-gay” movement at Twin Cities Pride. Our reporting was instrumental in warning the community about the group’s activities.

*The Column also conducted an exhaustive study of how Minnesota media reported on transgender issues in 2014 and found that coverage lacking.

*In addition to these important issues, The Column has also kept track of ongoing news stories such as the latest developments in the cases involving the violent attacks against members of our community last year. We’ve kept up with local and national pop culture including gay country icon Steve Grand, brought you interviews of touring acts such as Lizz Winstead and Leslie Jordan, and kept up with which contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race hail from Minnesota.

Our writing team, board, and volunteers would love to continue to bring you news you can’t find anywhere else, but we desperately need community investment in order to continue to do so. Consider a contribution today to cover our costs as we head to the Minnesota Capitol to report on LGBT issues through May. As little as $10 can go a long way to keeping the community informed and engaged about important issues.

Please consider a contribution today by visiting GiveMN.org or using the form below.