Home Pride Using deceptive tactics, Trinity Works claims to have “saved” dozens at Pride

Using deceptive tactics, Trinity Works claims to have “saved” dozens at Pride

Using deceptive tactics, Trinity Works claims to have “saved” dozens at Pride


An evangelical group called Trinity Works sent outreach workers canvassing through Twin Cities Pride, and set up a corn feed in hopes of luring members of the LGBT community into its brand of anti-LGBT conservative Christianity.

Using misleading tactics, Trinity Works its coalition of dozens of churches claims to have converted 80 people to its brand of Christianity during Twin Cities Pride, according to a post circulating on Facebook among the group’s supporters:

TheColu.mn has compiled a series of video clips from Trinity Works’ Pride infiltration efforts.

The numbers reached by Trinity Works would likely have been higher were it not for the efforts of OutFront Minnesota. OutFront Minnesota deployed a network of support teams during pride warning attendees about Trinity Works’ misleading tactics, and acting as a buffer when Pride attendees were approached by members of the group.

“This weekend at Twin Cities Pride, OutFront Minnesota’s Anti-Violence Program staff worked with more than 75 trained volunteer advocates and supportive clergy to help ensure that everyone had a safe and fun Pride,” OutFront Minnesota said in a statement. “Thanks to our planning with Twin Cities Pride, we were able to greatly limit the number of people the evangelical group Trinity Works tried to ‘convert.’ If the support team had not been at Pride this weekend, the number of attendees who could have been traumatized would have been substantial due to Trinity Works’ deceptive tactics.”

Trinity Works’ tactics were indeed deceptive. When TheColu.mn approached the evangelical outreach teams, they refused to acknowledge Trinity Works or the mission to encourage LGBT people to leave “the lifestyle.”

Some of the outreach workers posed as medics and evangelized to people who sought assistance.

The Trinity Works group created fliers to mimic those being handed out by OutFront to warn the community about the groups efforts to evangelize.


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Outfront also notes that Trinity Works’ outreach workers appeared to have started wearing coral colored shirts to mimic OutFront Minnesota support team members in an attempt to confuse Pride attendees.

Trinity Works held a corn feed at 11th Street and Hennepin Avenue along the Pride parade route. According to OutFront, the support team had to counsel dozens who mistakenly thought it was part of Pride activities. “Pride-goers who went in, assuming it was LGBTQ-friendly, were surrounded by Trinity works people who said they would burn in hell because of their sexual orientation,” OutFront’s Monica Meyer said in a statement. “Our support team counseled more than a dozen people who unknowingly went in and left the corn feed shaken, crying and traumatized.”


Trinity Works had outreach workers stationed at the Pride parade with brown t-shirts that read, “What’s Your Story?” People were invited to come inside the corn feed to have corn and water, but when they sat down to eat, two Trinity Works outreach workers would hover over asking them about Jesus and being LGBT.

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Participants of the Trinity Works’ outreach campaign have been celebrating by posting photos of people they claim to have converted during Pride.

The group claims it will return in 2015 with an even larger effort.


  1. Many thanks for this follow up article. Special thanks to the guy holding up the, “Don’t take the corn sign”, I can only imagine how tired his arms must have gotten. It would be interesting to search on facebook for the people’s faces who the Christians said were saved, and contact them to hear their side of the story.

    A different tactic that might be deployed is in fact to drive everybody into the church early on and suck up ALL the corn and water. Hoards of people grabbing every piece of corn there, LOL! Run them out of corn and free water he first hour. Great job to all for diffusing the intrusion.

  2. These christians lied to people to lure them into their tent…just like Jesus would. Who’s to say these “converts” weren’t plants to make them look relevant?

  3. As an Ally, I’m disgusted. As a human, I’m furious. I am all for freedom of speech and religion but to attempt to make people ashamed of who they are is unacceptable, even more so with the dishonest tactics they used.

    Props however, goes to you and the others for calling them out.

  4. As a Christian ally (yes, we do exist!!) I am appalled- but not really surprised- by the deceptive and ugly tactics used by these… I can’t even call them people. They need to leave Pride-goers ALONE and worry more about their own hypocrisy!

  5. Why is it politically correct to hate others efforts to love people. This is there idea of love, maybe there not perfect. No matter what your sexual orientation is why the heck is it ok to throw these people at the pride to be shut down. Why not open up? Why call the police? I want you both to have peace of mind. Pride guys and gals stop murderimg your neighbor in there hearts. Big deal they want to covert you can’t you love them anyway. Encouragement to diffuse the offense by loving them. Christian guys and gals stop trying so hard to convert people it’s annoying. Get in the secret place till there is a ? so stable you won’t have to try. Fire will get the message across. You don’t have to try hard to give corn and water. Both sides of the party and the neutral guys and gals as well. You are cared for. Sincerly aaron

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