Friday, September 18, 2020


Check us out to find the fun in Minnesota when the sun goes down

The Hangover: Politics, People, Places and Hair

You just gotta LOVE the diversity of our Twin Cities.  Where else in a Metro our size can you locate such a spectrum of...

Weekend Preview is a Drag!

Well in the aftermath of the Valentine's Day blitz there seems to be only one game in town this weekend.  Drag!  Whether you plan...

The Hangover: Drag queens, weddings, and VD crew had some VD fun (Valentine's Day not Venereal Disease) this weekend attending a slew of "love" themed parties, most of which went...

Weekend preview: Singles, couples, and ‘sick but pretty’

Get out and have some fun this weekend! There is plenty to do and see. Much of what I am highlighting is free or very affordable. What's your excuse?

BRAVO gay reality show casting at new gay night at Barfly

BRAVO will be scouting talent for a gay dating reality show at Barfly's VIP room on Thursday. It's all part of a new gay-night-in-straight-clubs...

Kink in Minnesota: Better than the coasts?

Tynan Fox want more spaces for kink in Minnesota gay community. Featured in Savage Love last week, Fox's blog is an example of...

It’s a sporty weekend with Locker Room and Super Bowl

Save your time and your pennies - pass on Virtuosity. See Rent instead!

Preview: Mother Courage and Her Children

Maxine Klein directs Mother Courage and Her Children at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Julie Dafydd stars as Mother Courage.

The Hangover Report: Puking game show drag queens

It wouldn't be right to start out a new week without proper recognition of the age old American tradition of over-consuming.  This is a...’s guide to this weekend: Mismatched at the Eagle

Looking for a fun night out? There is plenty to do this weekend. One event that is not to be missed in...