You know your cause is on the outs when even anti-gay candidates don’t like what you’re doing. Paul Gazelka, who’s running against State Sen. Paul Koering, recently sent this email to supporters, after the National Organization for Marriage apparently flyered Senate District 12, in support of Gazelka. It’s only one data point, but it contributes to a growing sense that the GOP is abandoning same-gender marriage as their classic wedge issue – at least for the 2010 midterm elections.

Paul Gazelka Responds to the National Marriage Advocacy Mailing

I want to express to the voters of Senate District 12 my frustration and deep disappointment at the
mailings sent by the National Organization for Marriage comparing me and Paul Koering. This group, which
supports marriage, a cause near and dear to my heart, has regrettably chosen to use mean-spirited ads
instead of what most of us demand, civilized debate on the issues.

Campaign laws forbid me to be aware of what others want to do to “help” me, and early on, I was clear
that if issue related advocacy groups were going to independently support me that they should not do
negative campaigning. My personal, Christian view, is that it reflects poorly on Christ’s command to do
unto others as you would have done unto you and it is not speaking the truth in love.

My campaign has always been about the issues of jobs, reining in wasteful government spending,
and protecting life, marriage and family values, and second amendment rights. I appreciate the
support of the voters in Senate District 12 and assure you that if I earn your support in the August 10th
Primary I will continue to conduct an ethical, positive campaign that is focused on issues and the people
of Minnesota.”

Paul Gazelka
Republican Endorsed Candidate
Senate District 12

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