Investigative journalism is an important part of the struggle for equity. Journalism is the means by which discriminatory practices, bad actors, and anti-social ideas are exposed.

The Column has been working hard to uncover discrimination, exemplified by the piece published this week on the Minnesota colleges and universities that discriminate against the LGBT community.

The organization is also closely monitoring Minnesota conservative religious movements to expose bad actors — those whose actions create harm in the LGBT community. For the past two years, The Column has employed investigative journalism to uncover plans by Trinity Works to try and convert members of the LGBT community at Twin Cities Pride.

We are also continually watching the media for anti-social ideas. Anti-LGBT sentiment has been rampant on conservative radio, and The Column has been paying attention. When Sen. Warren Limmer appeared on Christian and made startling claims about Caitlyn Jenner and transgender youth, we were the only media organization paying attention.

The Column has also served as a watchdog over the rest of Minnesota media. Last fall, we analyzed coverage of transgender issues among Minnesota‚Äôs media outlets and found some startling results — only 40 percent of media reporting on transgender issues included the voices of those the reporting most impacted — transgender people. An example of that occurred just last month as Claire Renee Kohner noted in “MinnPost, Academia and the Failure of Trans Reporting.”

In order to provide the service of journalism in the public interest, we rely on support from the community. Through the end of July, we are looking to raise at least $1,500 to keep this small nonprofit operation running. Visit our fundraiser at GiveMN or check out our other giving options.

The Column is a community-supported non-profit news, arts, and media organization. We depend on community support to continue the work of solid LGBT-centric journalism. If you like this article, consider visiting Give MN to make a contribution today.


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