While Rick Warren may have condemned the Ugandan “kill gays” bill, allies of the conservative pastor in Rwanda are attempting to criminalize both homosexuality and advocacy for LGBT people. The Box Turtle Bulletin points out that Warren designated Rwanda a “purpose-driven nation” in 2005, kicking off a leadership program for the country’s leaders that one of the BTB’s authors sees as a primary tool to co-opt the religious and political leadership of both Uganda and Rwanda in favor of his conservative evangelical agenda. In this larger context, it’s tempting to call shenanigans on Warren’s condemnation of the Ugandan bill last week.


New York – Governor David Paterson signed an executive order today extending anti-discrimination policies to include the gender identities of the state’s employees. LGBT advocates say it’s a first step to a broader law including all workers in the state. (NY Times)

Utah – The gays continue their takeover of Salt Lake City as Salt Lake County gave preliminary approval to a law that would ban employment or housing discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. However, the new law skips over landlords with small buildings and small businesses, two of the biggest groups in housing and the economy, respectively. (The Advocate)

D.C. – One GOP faction has its nickers in a knot over GOProud’s participation in CPAC, the yearly conservative mega-conference. Religious conservatives are getting all hot and bothered that the conservative LGBT group is permitted to help sponsor the Conservative Political Action Conference, and are threatening a boycott. (Joe.My.God)

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