While the US government condemns the Ugandan “kill gays” bill, it won’t let on about any specific actions against the bill. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization and United Nations agency in charge of fighting, researching, and caring for the victims of HIV/AIDS are threatening to pull funding for a useful (and even prestigious) major AIDS research institute slated to be built in Entebbe, Uganda, if the bill passes.

But [Catherine Hankins, the chief scientific advisor for UNAIDS] told AFP: “Criminalising adult consensual sex is not only a human rights issue, it goes against a good HIV strategy.

“If the bill passes, UNAIDS and WHO would have to decide what happens and to see whether this is an appropriate place.”

(via PinkNews)

So, in between the condemnation of senior evangelical Christians in the US allied to many conservative Ugandan politicians, threats from Uganda’s major European foreign aid donors, and even signals from the highest levels of President Yoweri Museveni’s government that the bill should be dropped, why does Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s denouncing of the bill sound so lame? One would think that this outcry gives the government enough political cover to start flexing the muscle that comes from the large chunks of US taxpayer dollars donated to Uganda under the President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief, or at least cop to putting back-channel pressure on Uganda in a more direct way than Clinton does in her speech. It would be easier to give the Obama administration the benefit of the doubt if we could see what they’re doing.


Florida – Buju Banton fans blame teh gays for a sting operation that tricked Banton into attempting to buy large amounts of cocaine from a police informant. His fans protest that Banton was set up, because he ‘isn’t that type of guy.’ Right, because as far as illegal activity is concerned, he prefers slitting the throats of queers to dealing drugs. (The Miami Herald, The Daily Monitor; h/t Joe.My.God)

Oklahoma – The Oklahoma City School District is more progressive than the Minnesota Legislature. (The Oklahoman, The Minnesota Independent)

Texas – Houston’s (lesbian) mayor-elect Anise Parker reveals the gay agenda. (The Bilerico Project)

New York – Governor David Patterson has a holiday surprise for trans New Yorkers – mystery civil rights legislation! (Pam’s House Blend)

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