Grant Junior Grayson, a former pastor at Northfield, Minnesota’s Northfield Alliance Church (now called the Cornerstone Community Church) was committed to a mental hospital as a danger to the community. According to the Northfield News, Grayson was convicted of sexually assaulting a 12-year old boy who was a member of his youth ministry in the late 1990’s, but during the commitment process, it emerged that Grayson had abused several other young boys, and he had violated his parole at least twice by being alone with boys under 18. The Rice County Attorney recommended Grayson for commitment because “…the number of Grayson’s victims, the severity of his conduct and his inability to stay away from young boys even when required to do so.”

The conviction is one among a rash of cases of sexual abuse involving evangelical pastors in recent days, the Boston Edge reports.

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