That’s basically the headline on a new BBC discussion forum, “Should Homosexuals Face Execution?” Many folks respond to the plain-old WTF factor in this poll – “Is this even an issue?” “There they go, putting our rights to a vote, again!” – but right alongside, there are a number of uncomfortable replies calling homosexuality a decadent Western import to Africa, et cetera, etc. So that’s where this poll’s constituency comes from…

Speaking of Uganda, the Box Turtle Bulletin brings word that “The Family”, a secretive evangelical Christian organization implicated in the creation of the Ugandan “Kill Gays” bill, opposes it, and a Ugandan newspaper reports that one of the bill’s main allies in the president’s cabinet has clammed up about supporting the bill.


California – The Museum of the American West explores the history of queers in the Old West using one or more bad puns in “Out West”, a year-long series of exhibits, lectures, and panel discussions. The LA Times reports that the museum was inspired by a surprising amount of interest in an exhibit of props from Brokeback Mountain. Gee. In Los Angeles? You’d never expect that… (h/t Box Turtle Bulletin)

New Jersey – With no committee meetings or voting sessions scheduled between December 10th and January, when the new legislature and governor take office, it looks like defeat is all but certain. (Associated Press)

New Mexico – A Republican Lawmaker in New Mexico has begun the process for introducing a constitutional amendment banning same-gender marriage after proposed civil union legislation was defeated after a lengthy debate. (The New Mexico Independent)

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