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  • Free CeCe

    Free CeCe

    On Tuesday June 28, 2011 at the Hennepin County Government Center a small group assembled to demonstrate support for Chrishaun (CeCe) McDonald, a young trans woman of color.  The rally was scheduled to begin immediately following the sentencing in the courtroom that was packed as the call to action requested.  There were, in fact so […]

  • R. T. Speaks Out!

    Looking for more images and video from recent LGBT events? Check out’s Flickr

  • Weekend Preview Plus 3-3-2011 through 3-13-11

    Muffins: It is difficult to even imagine what you are all up to in the hinterland.  No doubt it is fun and refreshing (what with the chill in the air).  Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying the last vestiges of Winter.  Get out and have some fun!  One of the best ways you […]

  • The Fifth Column: The LGBT Community Should Not Sit Out This Election

    On Tuesday, November 2nd,  Minnesotans have the choice between two pro-equality candidates.  Mark Dayton has passionately committed himself to LGBT equality.  Tom Horner says he is for marriage equality, but is really another Republican running as an Independent.  I sincerely doubt Horner will pass marriage equality as easily as Mark Dayton will.  We also have […]

  • Hughes Foundation Heads Back To India

    Jerry Hughes, Executive Director of The Hughes Foundation will be going back to India in the end of May for a three-week tour of  education and inspiration.  Mr. Hughes has been traveling to India and Africa annually since 2003 to support youth camps and schools.  What changed for him in 2004, was the personal diagnosis […]

  • From The Editor’s Desk: Lavender Gets it Wrong on HIV disclosure

    In its last issue, Lavender magazine ran a “public service announcement” about Daniel James Rick, a Minneapolis man that police say has had unprotected sex with other men without disclosing that he is HIV-positive. feels that Minnesota’s largest LGBT publication not only missed an important opportunity to provide context to the case but also […]

  • Katherine Kersten: “Gay Nazis Will Stop You From Discriminating”

    In her column in today’s Star-Tribune, Katherine Kersten warns of a “troubling double standard” held by gay marriage activists. “While they demand tolerance from others, many appear to view tolerance as a one-way street,” she writes. According to Kersten’s timely column, published a week after the Supreme Court decided against broadcasting the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger […]