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  • Gay jobs watch: OutFront, MAP, Youthlink, and PRIDE Institute

    OutFront Minnesota is looking for an Associate Director for Regional Organizing. OutFront Minnesota’s Associate Director for Regional Organizing is responsible for leading a team of regional organizers to build powerful teams of grassroots leaders to win state and local issue campaigns and elect progressive candidates. Successful candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to and love […]

  • Bachmann sponsors protections for opponents of marriage equality

    Bachmann sponsors protections for opponents of marriage equality

    Rep. Michele Bachmann is the only Minnesota sponsor of a bill introduced on Thursday that would protect opponents of marriage equality from claims of discrimination by the federal government. H.R. 3133, the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act, has 60 sponsors, including Bachmann as well as a few Democrats. In essence, the bill would give a […]

  • Betty Crocker targeted for boycott

    Betty Crocker targeted for boycott

    Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, suggested on Thursday that FRC’s supporters should boycott Betty Crocker because the famous baking brand offered free cakes to same-sex couples when marriage equality became legal. Raw Story published Perkins’ statements. “Betty Crocker’s latest promotion is a recipe for disaster,” said Perkins. “In Minnesota, where parent […]

  • National group to Minnesota clerks: You don’t have to issue licenses to same-sex couples

    National group to Minnesota clerks: You don’t have to issue licenses to same-sex couples

    Alliance Defending Freedom, formerly the Alliance Defense Fund, has issued a memo to Minnesota’s registrars, letting them know that they do not have to grant licenses to same-sex couples if doing so would violate their religious beliefs. The memo (PDF) states in part: In light of Minnesota’s recent law redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, […]

  • Buy Equality is not an effort to punish businesses

    The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal published an article on July 29, titled, “Websites seek to reward, punish businesses in same-sex marriage fight,” that mentioned’s Buy Equality project that spotlight’s businesses that gave to the anti-gay marriage amendment. The purpose of that project is not to punish businesses, but instead to educate same-sex couples and […]

  • MN United’s Richard Carlbom to direct national marriage equality efforts

    Freedom to Marry, the marriage equality group that helped Minnesota gain marriage for same-sex couples, has hired Minnesotans United for All Families’ Richard Carlbom to direct state battles through 2016. The group is putting $3 million behind state campaigns this year. Freedom to Marry is targeting Oregon with $250,000 where efforts are being made to […]

  • Catholic high school president resigns after revealing 18-year same-sex relationship

    The president of a Catholic high school in Fridley has resigned his post after revealing he is in a committed same-sex relationship. Dr. William Hudson told school officials last week that he was stepping down after 9 years at the school. Here’s the press release from Hudson: This is a deeply personal decision comes as […]

  • Minnesota church dropping out of Scouts because it allows gays

    A Minnesota church is ending its sponsorship of a Cub Scouts troop because of the Boy Scouts of America decision in May to allow gay youth to be scouts. “I know it will come across that we’re not loving and we don’t want homosexuals around – and that’s not the message that we want conveyed,” […]

  • Taking Kersten to task

    Last Sunday, Katherine Kersten offered, by my count, her 25th column in the Star Tribune denigrating same-sex couples and railing against marriage equality (that doesn’t include many blog posts she has done over the years at the Star Tribune in opposition to same-sex marriage and LGBT rights in general). For old time’s sake, I thought […]

  • Same-sex couples can apply for marriage licenses on June 6

    Hennepin County, Minnesota’s most populous county and home to the highest population of same-sex couples in the state, announced this week that same-sex couples seeking to marry on or after August 1 can apply for their marriage licenses starting on June 6. From the Hennepin County website: In anticipation of the Freedom to Marry law […]