Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Theater, artists and events that make Minnesota great

Easter Bonnet Parade at the Eagle Video taken by Jody Koenig In this city if you blink - you miss a lot!  For those of you who were not downtown on...

Movie Review: Prodigal Sons

Defining our identity is a lot trickier than we sometimes care to admit.  After going through so much to determine who we...

Twin Cities Pride calls for artist submissions

Twin Cities Pride is looking for artists to submit their work in the One Heart, One World, One Pride exhibition coming up in May....

Transgender Director Brings Craft to the Twin Cities

Quickly, off the top of your head, name your favorite feature-length movie helmed by a transgender-identified director. If you are having trouble coming up with...

Strutting Their Stuff – Hmong LGBT Talent Show at the U

Via Shawyn Lee of the U of M's GLBTA Programs Office comes this rather cool-looking talent show, cooked up by them and Shades of...

Weekend Preview Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Oscar Night options and a blowout for the blowhard herself! Mama Stevie's turning - how old are you this year Vera - The Truth!!!

Seven Deadly Sins at Jetset: “Little Monsters in My Bed”

Red Card Production is hosting a multimedia interpretation of the seven deadly sins at Jetset on Thursday evening. Called "Little Monsters in My Bed,"...


Security, Scandal and Smashing Art marks the beginning of this decade's "Foot In The Door"!

Weekend preview: Singles, couples, and ‘sick but pretty’

Get out and have some fun this weekend! There is plenty to do and see. Much of what I am highlighting is free or very affordable. What's your excuse?

It’s a sporty weekend with Locker Room and Super Bowl

Save your time and your pennies - pass on Virtuosity. See Rent instead!