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  • Ask Mrs. Pederson – Dear Hopeful

    Ask Mrs. Pederson – Dear Hopeful

    Dear Mrs. P, I am a HIV-negative gay middle-aged man who has yet to be successful in love. Recently, however, I have met a simply wonderful man who pushes all the right buttons from spiritually to sexually and many things in between. He was very honest to me from the beginning, telling me he’s a […]

  • Masks


    In his classic spiritual biography, “Take Off The Masks”, Malcom Boyd eloquently wrote about his process of self-examination and eventual wholeness of mind, body and spirit.  Such things are possible when we come to recognize that almost all of us stand behind some sort of mask. For many in the GLBT community, this may be […]

  • I LOVE Minneapolis!

    I LOVE Minneapolis!

    So Muffins, Today, after a delicious brunch at the Loring Kitchen & Bar, we decided to stroll around Loring park (home of our own Berger Fountain). Because of their beautiful coordination and parasols, I decided to hike on over and chat about the fountain that they were enjoying.  It was August of last year – […]

  • Dropping Anchor or Setting Sail? | Do it at Fleet!

    Dropping Anchor or Setting Sail? | Do it at Fleet!

    Fleet is tonight at the Minneapolis Armory How many of you have walked past the Minneapolis Armory over the past years and thought it would be a great place for a light show and dance event?  I have said this to many people while walking past the historic landmark and I am very pleased to […]

  • Day Two of OTCFF

    Last night was the first night of the 3rd annual Out Twin Cities Film Festival.  The opening film was Inspired produced and directed by Charlie Gage.  It was a slight crowd but a fantastic evening of wonderful films. Many of the shows at the festival will be followed by Q&A with Directors and/or individuals involved in […]

  • When’s the Last Time You Went for a Nice Ride?

    When’s the Last Time You Went for a Nice Ride?

    With the unseasonably warm weather we have been enjoying come all kinds of perks.  The lilacs are already in full bloom, BBQ grills are already blazing and every bike trail is completely ready for heavy traffic.  That means it is also the perfect time for Nice Ride to announce their springtime promotion! In addition to […]

  • Two Great Shows

    Two Great Shows

    Muffins: We are never at a loss for great entertainment in Minneapolis!  This weekend my top two picks go to low budget options.  Both Box Wine Theater’s production of Tom and Kelly Adopt and Asian Baby and Durang Durang starring Julie Dafydd as Sister Mary Ignatius are well worth venturing out for. Listen to the show! […]

  • Energy Savings

    The Bolt side of the Eagle/Bolt complex is about to show its true colors tonight when they reveal the new lighting concept of the energy efficient LED programmable overhead bulbs.  The lights – no less than carnival inspired – are both a cost savings and a curious addition to the popular night spot of many a […]

  • The Saloon Brings in The Big Top!

    The Saloon Brings in The Big Top!

    Muffins: I cannot tell you how refreshing it was just the other night, to sit with Saloon manager, Tim Belfanz along with Designer and Producer, Mark Durkop of The Event Dynamic.  The purpose of the meeting was to flesh out the details of The Big Top!  The event is happening on Saturday November 12, 2011 […]

  • Let the Bewitching Begin!

    Let the Bewitching Begin!

    Click on the image above to see pics from last year’s shenanigans! Happy Gay High Holidays! Brace yourself muffins – we have four spooktacular nights of the Gay High Holidays this year!  Lest you not take care you may end a casualty like this poor soul last year.   I will be out and about with the […]