A Tulsa, Oaklahoma man was violently assaulted by a gang of three who chased after him in a muscle car, and shouted homophobic slurs as they hit, slashed, and stabbed him around midnight in a residential area of the city. (Towleroad)

Queerty has a report from the victim’s partner:

“They started out by calling him a faggot as he was walking down the street minding his own business and they told him not to look at them….but he didn’t even look in their direction. As he went around the corner they got in their vehicle which was a mustang late 90’s early 00 model and sped toward him and the male got out of the car. he then punched him in the back of his head and that’s when he started to have to defend himself. He kept telling them just to leave him alone and go about their business… As he was restraining the male the older of the 2 females came at him and bit his cheek and began to saw at his head with a knife…then ended up stabbing him in the knee!”

Of course, this is just an isolated incident, not something that occurs with frightening regularity, right?


Teh Internts – The organizers behind the Dallas Principles, a set of progressive LGBT activist goals demanding “full LGBT Civil Rights now, no delay, no excuses” have set up a website to help you track support for equality from your representatives in congress. This follows hot on the heels of a call from David Mixner to withhold funds from Democrats who refuse to support LGBT equality.

Texas – A manager of a Gainesville, Texas CVS is charged with video voyeurism for filming customers in the woman’s restroom in an attempt to keep male-presenting people from using that bathroom after a city-wide ordinance requiring equal access to public accommodation for LGBT citizens is passed.

Washington – Anti-LGBT groups in Washington’s civil union fight deploy the old “queers are recruiting children” line. (PHB)

NYC – The nation’s only successful LGBTQ-only high school is trying to figure out how to keep at-risk LGBT teens into the workforce and help prepare them for a successful life. (EDGE Boston)

Teh Internets- MN Rep. Michele Bachmann appears in “Hate? there’s a Rep for that” (Feministing)

And SNL does Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in Sparta (The Bilerico Project)

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