The National: Only 7% of Nation’s Leading Hospitals Protect Trans Patients From Discrimination

A new study by the Human Rights Campaign shows that, despite President Obama’s April executive order mandating most US hospitals protect the visitation and decision-making rights of LGBT people and families, only 58% of the nation’s 200 largest hospitals include sexual orientation in their in-house anti-discrimination policies and a mere 7% protect on the basis of gender identity (see? the HRC is still good for some things!). These in-house policies are critical, because they form the bedrock of staff training. While the 20101 Healthcare Equality Index did note improvements in the nation’s large hospital chains – including what look to be great strides by the Kaiser Permanente hospital system in California, Hawaii, and Oregon – the overall numbers are still pretty scary for an LGBT person contemplating any kind of hospitalization.


Iowa – Now you know why those 800 pastors were threatening the Iowa legislature with career damnation, etc. if they didn’t put same-gender marriage up for a referendum vote: Iowans just don’t care about same-gender marriage and want to talk about other things. (The New York Times)

California – The results are in: a 20-year UCLA study of 78 children of LGBT couples shows that lesbians make the best parents. You may now gloat. (US News and World Report)

California – Registered same-gender domestic partners in California get a tax break from the IRS. Don’t look for any benefits for Minnesotans, though: this is contingent on peculiarities of California law. (The Wall Street Journal)

Washington State – Rural college GSA’s drag show makes local conservatives pitch a fit. I’d hate to be one of those faculty drag performers – they’re stuck there. (Towleroad, Tri-City Herald)

D.C. – Trans woman shot in DC, hate crime suspected. (MetroWeekly)

D.C. – Ever wondered what makes the Log Cabin Republicans tick? Curious where the LCRs are going? (Frum Forum, h/t Joe.My.God)

D.C. – Yet another op-ed supporting marriage equality from both sides of the aisle. (The Washington Post)

China – The struggle for GLBT rights in China, and the government’s schizophrenic policies – both sponsoring gay bars and shutting down LGBT websites. (EDGE)

Spain – Madrid Pride cancels appearance by Israeli group, citing “security concerns.” (The Advocate)

Brazil – Sao Paulo has its biggest, most political Pride ever – 3 million people and a presidential declaration of a “National Day Against Homophobia” (Dallas Voice, The Associated Press)

Teh Interwebs – Make gays get married if you want to put an end to that homosexual lifestyle that you hate so much (Starring Justin Long and Mike White. (The Advocate)

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