The National: Elton John Performs For Rush Limbaugh’s 4th Wedding


Sir Elton, wearing sparkles (Photo: Wikimedia/User Jorunn)
Sir Elton John, the extremely gay pop diva and outspoken proponent of marriage equality, graced the stage conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh’s wedding this weekend. For a cool $1 million, Limbaugh and guests (including Karl Rove, former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, and other GOP luminaries) were treated to the singer’s tunes late into the night. The big question: At $1 million, was John fleecing Limbaugh, or should we be disappointed that a member of that most noble profession – that is, a pop singer – clearly compromised his morals by taking money from such an unsavory character?


D.C. – This is the best piece of reporting to come out of The Washington Times, ever. Who knew there were – *gasp* – gays in the White House, Congress, and The Pentagon. (h/t The Bilerico Project)

D.C. – Rank-and-file Catholics, according to a new Gallup poll, are really supportive of recognizing LGBT same-gender relationships (read: marriage equality). (The Washington Post)

Georgia – Pentacostal Exorcisms: the scary ritual and the LGB people who sign up in a desperate attempt to “drive the gay out.” (Details)

The UK – A group of about 50 LGBT political activists denied service at a London pub. (BBC)

The UK – EM Forrester, homosexual and famous British inter-war novelist, blamed gay sex for sapping his creative drive. (Times of London)

Portugal – Lesbian couple is Portugal’s first same-gender marriage. (Associated Press)

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