Still hoping Sarah Palin was a one-off candidate? Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) Republican opponent in the midterm elections not only believes that gay marriage opens the door to sex with horses, but also believes in making up history. In an interview with Rachel Maddow, former Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth tells Maddow that it’s ok they disagree on whether or not the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling (text of the ruling here) that established same-gender marriage as the law of the land defined marriage with the words “the establishment of intimacy.” Maddow tells Hayworth she went through the document page by page, and could not find any such definition. Hayworth was particularly unfazed.

This man is generally considered a serious contender for McCain’s seat.


Rep. Barney Frank (Photo: Official Portrait)
D.C. – After some dithering as to whether or not he meant to call the White House out for its lack of leadership on DADT repeal, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) decides to come out, guns blazing. The White House, Frank says, needs to “clarify” its position on repeal, and whether it wants to see repeal happen this year, or recede into the background as he suggested in an interview with The Advocate’s Kerry Eleveld. So what got Frank’s dander up, when he’s usually covering for the White House’s lack of leadership on LGBT issues? Mabye he didn’t take to kindly to a shower interruption by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel? Meanwhile, this week regulations will be announce creating a “more humane” DADT, with tougher standards for what’s admissible evidence in discharge hearings, and limiting investigations started by third-party outings. Let’s hope we wont’ get stuck with this.

In other DADT news, Servicemembers United is collecting testimony from active-duty LGBT servicemembers, who wouldn’t ordinarily get to testify about the policy’s impact on their professional lives and work environment. (The Advocate, AmericaBlog, Pam’s House Blend)

D.C. –A trans-bashing in Washington D.C. Details are still fuzzy. (Metro Weekly)

New York – Will Phillips is cute, inspiring, and (hopefully) like many other kids his age. GLAAD gives him an award. (GLAADBlog)

New York – Plus ca change. J.Crew may be a big fan of change (via Michelle Obama’s wardrobe), but they don’t seem to like trans people…or let them work in one of their New York stores. (The Advocate, the Daily Telegraph)

New York – Pics from the “Kiss-Out” (I thought they were kiss-ins?) to protest the recent NYC gang beating of an alleged gay man. (Towleroad)

Teh Interwebs – The Stars on Ice tour says “Oh no, we’re not discriminating against Johnny Weir because he’s flamboyant but won’t talk about his sexuality.” Apparently, there’s no room left on the tour bus. Uh-huh, and we all just fell off the turnip truck. (Associated Press)

Denver – Catholic school expels two kids because their parents are lesbians. Progressive and LGBT Catholic groups line up in response. (Towleroad, Denver Post)

Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania legislature is gearing up to hear a proposal that would add an amendment to the state constitution banning same-gender marriage, and a local progressive blogger is threatening to out or otherwise release dirty secrets of politicians who vote for the measure. (The Advocate)

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