MN Republican claims he’s being bullied for authoring anti-transgender bill



“The transgender community, as it applies to this bill — they are not the bullied. They are the bullies,” Sen. Scott Newman, a Republican from Hutchinson, told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

Newman is the chief author of SF3002, a bill that targets Minnesota’s longstanding ban on discrimination based on gender identity, enacted in 1993. It would block gender-inclusive policies at school districts and local municipalities and force transgender people to use a restroom that does not correspond to their gender — putting many transgender people at risk for discrimination and violence, according to research at UCLA’s Williams Institute.

Newman complained at Wednesday’s press conference that he’s become a target of anger by transgender Minnesotans and allies.

“I am hearing from the transgender community that strongly oppose it and I will tell you that I would estimate on about 10 to 1 the emails and phone calls coming out of the transgender community are coarse, they are threatening, they’re crude. And I will tell you that all that does for me is to strengthen my resolve that I’m going to protect my constituents.”

The press conference was organized by Newman and Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, a Republican from Glencoe who authored the House version of the bill. Also speaking were two representatives of the anti-LGBTQ Minnesota Child Protection League — Barb Anderson and Julie Quist. Several parents from Nova Classical Academy, a public charter school that recently enacted gender-inclusive policies, also spoke in support of the bill. A resident of the New London-Spicer school district, which is considering gender-inclusive policies, spoke to reporters as well.

Here’s full video of the press conference via the Minnesota House DFL:

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  1. Elected grownup complains about “bullying” from heavily victimized minority who are going to see actual deaths from legislation like his, promises to further victimize them to sate his feelings of helplessness… from his at-will public platform at his well-paying, well-insured job, while his victims see an epidemic of homelessness and unemployment because of behavior like his.

  2. “The transgender community, as it applies to this bill — they are not the bullied. They are the bullies,” Sen. Scott Newman, is a Republican from Hutchinson, told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

    If you watch and listen to both Vids you, if paying attention will hear no Proof of anything happening as stated. They do not backup their information with any factual proof. Then they are Assumers that is, a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. You will find most Trans people are extremely Modest in all places the same as regular women.

    Sen. Scott Newman Is Minnesota’s Don Quixote of the moment, he after losing Gay Marriage as all Republicans did is going after the smallest of the LGBT group with made up Fear tactics. Ignorance is abundant in their rhetoric with any real knowledge being very well obfuscated. He reiterates that he’s keeping all emails, and letters he gets, except where is his PROOF of anything, all unbased Fearmongering.

    The Minnesota Child Protection League is a Fear monger based anti Transgender group with one purpose and not safety.
    Ms. Barb Anderson shows her Ignorance abundantly in stating that women should not be seen in a state of undress. In many visits to the womens bathrooms I have not seen any women dropping their panties anywhere and I won’t show mine either.
    Her mist ignorant statement is saying that Transgender have a Psychological disorder and are in denial of their Biological Sex.

    Ms. Anderson FYI Sex is between your Legs, and GENDER is between your EARS ! ! We are not confused at all, as you all are. The medical community has proven our Brains are more as womens Brains than Male, this knowledge is on the internet for People really interested in Educating themselves. [Sadly leaves many of these out in the Cold]

    I leave you with these appropriate words

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said that great thing about science is it’s true whether you believe it or not.

    If you refuse to listen to the Voice of the Transgender community, and instead choose to Speak out of Disdain and Ignorance, be assured that what you are saying is Killing Transgender people. To you, the issue may seem clear-cut….but it dosn’t work in real Lives.
    You are Complicit in their Deaths.

  3. Awwww, pore li’l snowflake! Here’s a thought, Senator: put on a dress, makeup and heels and go to a few men’s rooms and see what =real= bullying is!

    To me, the nearly complete lack or empathy and compassion I see in the people who propose and support bills like this is breathtakingly vile.

  4. Someone should remind him of the definition of bullying. In order for behavior to be considered bullying, there needs to be an imbalance of power in favor of the bully. Therefore, it is impossible for Sen. Newman to be bullied in this situation, because he is the one who has the power!

  5. In a schoolyard bullying scenario, the victim can be pushed only so far before they fall down or stand up to the bully. Attempting to oppress and already severely oppressed sector of society will lead to resistance, don’t expect every one to cower to your ‘schoolyard bullying’ Senator (loosely) Scott Newman, And for the record, one can not ‘bully’ the bullyer, it’s called fighting back !

  6. Poor baby. Wonder how he would react if laws were being authored that would trample on his civil rights and liberties? Just roll over and let it happen? Right. Every bill introduced nationally that has as its purpose discriminating laws against LGBT people, has been authored by Republicans. Look it up. The Party of Hate and Bigotry, still using fear tactics to push their agenda.

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