notredame“What’s the easiest way to turn a fruit into a vegetable?”
“No Idea.”
“A baseball bat.”

That’s from a disgusting comic published in Wednesday’s edition of the Notre Dame student newspaper (h/t glaadBLOG), the Observer. After receiving GLAAD’s demands for a retraction and an apology, the head editor Jenn Metz gave “a tearful and what appeared to be heartfelt apology by phone,” and ran an official apology in this morning’s paper, taking full responsibility for the comic’s printing. The comic’s three authors also ran a less-heartfelt apology – not so much “sorry we did this” as “sorry we were caught.”

So far, there is no indication that the strip will be dumped from the Observer, but, as one commenter pointed out, the community will have one lasting piece of revenge: Google.

I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on the poor cartoonists. I mean, anti-LGBT discrimination doesn’t happen anymore, so this is just a joke about a bygone era, right? Brokeback Mountain cleared that all up.


New York – It’s all a bit cruel that the Notre Dame controversy breaks on the same day that the two men who beat gay New York City resident Jack Price into a coma are arraigned on hate crimes charges… (Joe.My.God)

New York – …Or that a group of Catholic archbishops picked yesterday to launch another push to promote the Manhattan Declaration, a document signed by several religious leaders calling for civil disobedience in response to any law granting LGBT rights. (Joe.My.God)

D.C. – Is the Pentagon stuck in middle school, or the 1940’s? AmericaBlog highlights part of yesterday’s NYTimes story that I skimmed over: the Pentagon is thinking that, even if DADT is repealed, they will force LGB servicemembers to use separate showers and barracks, and confined to certain units (via being limited to certain military tasks). Now, the best part? No less than Rep. Barney Frank admits that the Democratic party has no flipping clue how to proceed on DADT repeal, despite having several months’ notice that this issue was in play, and directly contradicting President Of The Gays Joe Solmonese. Hey, maybe he thought begging for treats like a dog at the dinner table would work this time? (AmericaBlog)

Uganda – Rick Warren’s chief ally in Uganda is planning a “million-man kill the gays march”. Warren, if you recall was oh-so-profoundly disappointed that the Ugandan parliament was considering the “Kill Gays” bill. We shall see whether Warren chooses to speak out again. (Towleroad)

California – The Prop 8 trial continues(The Bilerico Project, Box Turtle Bulletin, Pam’s House Blend)

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