Adam Hood, a "former homosexual," will teach Trinity Works' members how to convert members of the LGBT community
Adam Hood, a “former homosexual,” will teach Trinity Works’ members how to convert members of the LGBT community

Trinity Works, an evangelical group that targeted members of the LGBT community during Twin Cities Pride in 2014, has announced a new training featuring national anti-LGBT leaders. It will be called “Rainbow People.”

In an email from the group on Saturday, Trinity Works’ leader Steven Uggen said that his organization has pulled together half a dozen national leaders to conduct “special meetings” in March.

two years ago we did a recon of the gay pride and caught God’s heart to love this community but not compromise on truth with them. last year we established a beach head outreach during pride week and mobilized 425 workers from 50+ local ministries to love and share truth with this unreached people group in our cities. we engaged 2500 and got to share the gospel or our testimonies with 1,100. we prayed with 935 for an encounter with Jesus and got to lead 80 to the Lord in three days of outreach. this is an intense but fruitful mission field. we believe the Lord wants to expand this work but in order to do so we need to engage the broader church of the Twin Cities with the heart of God on this issue. God has put on our heart to invite our network to a series of special meetings designed to do just that on March 20-22nd called the Rainbow People gatherings [capitalization errors are Trinity Works’]

Uggen added, “we have a team of national prophetic voices that have significant authority to speak into this issue…”

That team includes Michael L. Brown, an American Messianic Jew and radio host whose invective against the LGBT community has landed him on GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project. Twin Cities Pride wouldn’t be the first time Brown has been involved in targeting Pride events. In 2011, he recruited red-shirts to infiltrate Charlotte, North Carolina Pride. Wayne Besen, a leader in the effort to expose the ex-gay movement as harmful, wrote about Brown’s actions:

This weekend, Brown tried to ruin LGBT Pride in Charlotte. He rounded up a large group of “Red Shirts” (aka fundamentalist would-be thugs) and marched on the festival under the smug and self-righteous banner of “God Has a Better Way.” Presumably, his “better way” is converting happy and loving LGBT people into self-loathing bigots who pray at the altar of discrimination and hate…Instead of being able to enjoy the weekend, Brown inundates already suffering people with heaping doses of spiritual violence, that I’m quite sure will one day lead to actual violence. I do strongly believe to my core that Brown’s ultimate goal is to create the conditions for a nasty physical clash — in which he will play the victim in the mainstream media, while claiming to be a crusading holy warrior with his incited base. Indeed, the sick and cynical Brown will likely spin such a brouhaha as a fundamentalist version of Stonewall, where Christians began to fight back in the name of “religious freedom.”

Robert Gagnon is another leader that Trinity Works wants its membership to learn from. Gagnon has a history of making inflammatory statements about the LGBT community including that homosexuality is the worst sexual sin, that same-sex couples are “a long-lasting enterprise of sin and mutual dishonor,” and that society “should work to end the cycle of homosexual behavior.”

Trinity Works also says it will bring in the stories of David Kyle Foster, Joe Dallas, and Adam Hood, all of whom say they are “ex-gay.”

In a 2014 article for Charisma Magazine, David Kyle Foster wrote:

It does no good to pretend that it is good and natural and holy. That’s called denial. Statistics overflow with evidence that homosexual sex causes damage to body, soul and spirit. It actually damages the body of the partner. It tears at the body in ways that result in homosexual sex being the number one risk factor for contracting AIDS in this country. In fact, an entire cottage industry of scientific study and medical care has arisen from the proliferation of gay sex in our modern culture.

Homosexual behavior also tears at the soul, causing much higher rates for substance abuse, suicide, depression, domestic violence, early death—even in the most gay-friendly regions of the globe. Why? Because active homosexuals are trying to find something through gay relationships that can never be found there. The happiness that they seek can only be found in submitting their sexuality to the Lordship of Christ and allowing Him to bring healing to the broken areas that have caused their homosexual desires.

Joe Dallas is a superstar in the ex-gay movement, well-known to many evangelicals. He’s on record as saying Christian pastors who support gay rights are like Nazis, and that “gays and lesbians will bring the judgement of God.”

Adam Hood made waves in 2010 when he came out with a video that told his story of leaving the “homosexual lifestyle” all while wearing a sparkly gold ascot. Hood has worked with Trinity Works as recently as last November when he participated in an “ex-gay” outreach in West Hollywood on Halloween while wearing a gold suit with angel wings.

Uggen’s email links to several videos featuring or produced by these anti-LGBT leaders. It is unclear whether Trinity Works will be bringing in these leaders or if the group is just going to show videos. Trinity Works did not respond to a request for information on the Rainbow People gathering.

Uggen wrote, “this is going to be a powerful series of messages at a time when the church is confused, trapped by fear and without a clear plan to respond to the growing LGBT activity in our culture.”

The email signed off: “if you would like an invitation to this event please respond to this email and we will send you details on registration. burning for Jesus and the Harvest, Steven”

That email address is Here’s the full email:

Download (PDF, 1.36MB)

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