The Child Protection League Action, the lobbying arm of the Minnesota Child Protection League, released an image relaying what they think are the sexual orientation and gender identity of youth who are participating in the School Safety and Technical Assistance Council.

MNCPL, an anti-LGBT organization that opposes Minnesota’s safe schools laws, claims to know the sexual orientation and gender identity of members of the School Safety and Technical Assistance Council, a government body tasked with providing support for school districts in combating bullying. The members are appointed through the Secretary of State’s open appointment process.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the group posted an image that it has created that purports to show the sexual orientation and gender identity of the 22-member council. The group claims that the sexual orientation and gender identity meant that parents should “protect your children.”

“The new bullying law authorized a new school climate council to “establish the norms and standards” for bullying prevention,” a comment on the post reads. “You expected equal representation of all groups on this council…but that’s not what you got. CPL Action’s warnings about this law are coming to fruition. Stay informed. Protect your children.”

Some of the youth on the council have been public about bullying at the hands of fellow students. None have publicly identified themselves as LGBT to media, while some have been a part of LGBT organizing activities. However, MNCPL has outed these individuals against their will, regardless of how publicly they live as LGBT people.

In the past year, members of the Minnesota Child Protection League has said that LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying laws amount to “child exploitation,” called LGBT issues “perversion,” and written that the LGBT community is “wrong, immoral, offensive [and] dangerous.”

The group is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, Sept. 20 at Grace Church in Eden Prairie with anti-LGBT commentator Matt Barber, and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

The post on the group’s Facebook page can be viewed here.

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