The Minnesota Child Protection League, a group that says anti-bullying laws in Minnesota schools amount to “child exploitation” by the LGBT community, is urging conservative Christians to testify at Monday evening’s Anoka-Hennepin School Board meeting in opposition to recommendations by an anti-bullying task force.

The school board will hear five recommendation from the district’s anti-bullying task force. That task force was put in place as part of a settlement agreement after 6 LGBT students sued the district because of repeated bullying, harassment, and physical violence.

One of the recommendations mentions Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs), promoting the history of various cultures — including LGBT, and family nights for LGBT families. That recommendation has prompted religious right organizations such as the Parents Action League and the Minnesota Child Protection League to organize conservative Christian residents to testify.

(Rep. Michele Bachmann will be raising money for the Minnesota Child Protection League later this month)

In recent years, that testimony has often brought misinformation and anti-LGBT statements before the board. (See’s report: The Right’s 5-year anti-LGBT campaign to stop safe schools)

In addition, proponents of safe schools are also organizing in support of the recommendations.

On late Sunday, the Minnesota Child Protection League send out this email (which inaccurately describes being transgender as a “mental disorder.”:

Dear [name],
The Anoka-Hennepin School Board will meet on Monday, August 25th, at 6:30 pm, to hear testimony from the public on the five recommendations from the district’s Anti-Bullying Task Force. The recommendations may be viewed here.

We send you this alert because the U.S. Department of Justice’s forced 2012 anti-bullying consent decree on the Anoka-Hennepin School District was the blueprint for Minnesota’s newly passed state Bullying Law. The A-H School District is only slightly ahead of what the 2014 Bullying Law will try to bring to every Minnesota school district. Everyone across the state must be alert to these policies coming to their local schools.
Recommendation #3 is of primary concern [emphasis added]:
Honor and celebrate the contributions of diverse people and families in our community, country, and world, including the LGBT community.

In an effort to affirm and celebrate the diversity represented by district students, families, and employees, the Task Force recommends Anoka-Hennepin Schools recognize, affirm, and assess specific LGBT activities including, but not limited to, continuing to support student-led Gay Straight Alliance clubs; hosting school-related family nights for our diverse populations, including LGBT families and LGBT students and their parents; and creating public displays honoring LGBT history month each October beginning in 2014.

Child Protection League Action repeatedly warned the public that the Bullying Bill was never about bullying. The Bullying Bill was a thinly-veiled strategy to indoctrinate our children and our community into affirming and celebrating all sexual activities, no matter how morally wrong and unsafe, including LGBT sexual activities. (View which House members voted Yes to the Bullying Bill here.)

The Anoka-Hennepin Anti-Bullying Task Force recommendations, like the new Minnesota Bullying Law which makes “gender identity” a specifically protected group, seek to teach, honor and celebrate what many families view as clearly immoral and unsafe behavior. And this is not just about homosexuality. The “T” in LGBT is Transgender. Transgender refers to a male who adopts a female identity, attempts to live and look like a female, expects others to address him as a female and to be treated fully as a female in all public and private interactions and accommodations, including sports teams, locker rooms and bathroom facilities. Transgender also applies to females who adopt a male identity. Recommendation #3 insists that our children celebrate a behavior that is classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychological Association. Promoting, celebrating, and honoring transgenderism to our children is a form of child abuse.
As you can see, this recommendation promotes and elevates LGBT people and activities above others by specifically honoring and celebrating them. This recommendation also expands LGBT promotion beyond the schools.

Contact information for the Anoka Hennepin School Board, especially for those within the A-H School District, may be found here. Public testimony (less than 3 minutes) will be taken at their Monday night meeting, to be held at the Sandburg Education Center (1902 Second Avenue in Anoka). If you wish to express your concerns (respectfully, of course) at that board meeting, arrive early to fill out a yellow card. You will be called up to speak at the beginning portion of the meeting called “Communications, Delegations and Petitions.”

Child Protection League Action

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