The students of the College of William and Mary in Virginia made a little local history a few days ago when they elected their first genderqueer homecoming queen. The Flat Hat News, WM’s student newspaper, reports that it’s been a “pretty normal” homecomming, with generally positive reactions to the election of Jessee Vasold, a junior at the college. According to Junior Class President Mike Tsidulko, there’s no rule specifying the gender of a candidate for homecoming king or queen — students run on the ways they exemplify school spirit. Vasold is currently a prominent member of the student assembly, focusing on LGBT issues, and last year, ze served as co-president of the Lamba Alliance, the College‚Äôs LGBT advocacy group.

D.C. – The Secretary of the Army told Congress yesterday that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell can be repealed without any of the “major turmoil” predicted by some quarters. However, the highest civilian in specifically charge of the Army raised the disturbing possibility that DADT could be phased in using segregated units. can be repealed, but Obama admin official suggests segregated units might be used to phase it in. (Army Times, PHB)

D.C. – Is Obama looking to quash anti-DADT lawsuits so his administration can take credit for a repeal? Despite recent movements to push a repeal bill forward in Congress, Justice Department lawyers continue to vigorously defend against the suit brought by the Log Cabin Republicans. I’m just sayin’….. (PHB)

Massachusetts – Tim Coco and Junior Oliveria were legally married in 2005, when Oliveria was seeking asylum in the US because he was subject to homophobic abuse and rape in his native Brazil. Since his asylum attempt was denied in 2007, Oliveria and Coco have been fighting the court system and the Justice Departments of two different administrations to reverse the first decision. The Box Turtle Bulletin did some digging that shows just how damaging bad judicial appointments can be:

The judge who denied asylum, Francis Cramer, was a political appointment who had minimal experience with immigration law and was so blatantly unqualified that government watchdog groups were astonished at his selection. It was later discovered that federal judicial candidates had been screened for their views on gay marriage before they were appointed.

(AP, Box Turtle Bulletin)

Maine – The moving YouTube video of a life-long Republican World War Two vet advocating for same-gender marriage passes 550,000 views.

Teh Internets – Have an overly effeminate male child? The Onion has some tips to keep him from lisping, prancing, or otherwise fagging it up this Halloween! (Towleroad)

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

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