Reading Bob Herbert’s November 3rd New York Times editorial got me thinking…. This country is becoming more puritanical, more deadly. The fact that a fundie group could create so much excitement, by creating a list of scientific research that they disagree with, is cause for alarm. But what is even more alarming is that this ideology is winning.

A while back, I was handed a report by Rep. Henry Waxman, which this site is based on. Science is swiftly becoming replaced by christian ideology, and pretty soon we’ll be faced with the assertion that, yes indeed, the universe revolves around the Earth, again (sorry Galileo, Copernicus).

The dangerous part is that queer healh concerns are being erased from conciousness of American government. It started with Healthy People 2010, a report comissioned by the Clinton administration to evaluate the health of the country. For the first time it had specific focus on GLBT health concerns. As soon as Bush arrived, the GLBT part of that report was rescinded.

Then, the government started increasing funds for abstinence-only until marriage health education, at the same time it continued to rally support for the proposed amendment to the Constitution banning same-sex marriage, thereby mocking all queer youth in America, telling them they are worthless and sexless. This is a perfect recipe for inflicting psychological torture on our queer youth as well as denying them any useful information about their sexual health.

The Centers for Disease Control also altered their information on condom effectiveness. In addition, studies on the CDC website that showed that comprehensive sex education does not cause kids to have sex was deleted. Abstinence infromation was put in it’s place.

And around the same time, HIV prevention and education programs thoughout the country are under attack.

This is only the tip of the pimple known as the Bush administration and its fundie christian pus is ooozing all over our health and safety. Welcome back to the 80s.

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