I talked about this a week or two ago. Here’s a great event if anyone wants some action on this topic.Rolling Out The Trojan Horse

The CDC’s New Plan for HIV Prevention

The feds have a new plan for preventing HIV and it ain’t all that good. Abstinence until marriage is the guiding light, and less and less money for tried and true community prevention seems to be the way Uncle Sam wants to go. It’s all starting to sound like a throw back to the Eighties when we couldn’t talk about the real needs of gay and bisexual men, there was a witch hunt mentality about HIV testing, and blame was placed at the feet of people living with HIV. Hear what Terje Anderson, executive director of NAPWA (National Association of People with AIDS) has to say about our government’s break from effective HIV prevention and how it will affect you.

Tuesday, November 18

7 – 8 p.m.

Davis Auditorium at

Macalester College

St Paul

A PrideAlive, Positive Link, MAP Public Policy event sponsored by Minnesota AIDS Project.

To register, please contact the MAP AIDSLine at

(612) 373-AIDS or (800) 248-AIDS

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