The Maranatha Christian Fellowship at the University of Minnesota is suing the university because they are scared that queers, communists, vegetarians, and other crazy folks are going to infiltrate their happy little group.

The heart of the suit focuses on the Equal Opportunity Statement that all U of MN student groups must sign in order to receive the benefits of registered student group status. These benefits include access to grants, free meeting space, and a credit union account among other things. They contest that the statement violates the group’s First Amendment rights.

MCF does not want to sign the document that would theoretically allow gays, atheists, adulterers, and fornicators into leadership positions within the group. MCF is concerned that these evil-doers will gain leadership and bring them down from the inside.

I don’t know how I feel about this one except that it would set a dangerous precedent if the Equal Opportunity Statement was ruled unconstitutional.

On a more serious note, I stopped by the MCF table at Coffman Union today out of curiousity, and thank the lord I did! As it turns out, the bible condemns Halloween, and dressing up for it is considered evil. Whew! That was a close one. Just think, I could have burned in hell for dressing up on Friday.

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