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Help The Column expose ‘ex-gay therapy’ in Minnesota

Help The Column expose ‘ex-gay therapy’ in Minnesota


The state-licensed clinic owned by Marcus and Michele Bachmann is probably best known for its “pray away the gay” therapy, and helped bring to light the fact that it is happening here in Minnesota. Also known as conversion therapy, reparative therapy, and sexual orientation change therapy, legislators are just starting to take a look at revoking professional licensure for professionals that use this harmful therapy on youth under age 18.

The Column will be following the ex-gay movement in Minnesota until the Legislature bans ex-gay therapy for minors. We’ve been researching the clinics, groups, and individuals behind Minnesota’s ex-gay industry, and collecting stories from people who have been subjected to “sexual orientation change efforts.”

Journalism around this important issue has been sorely lacking. When the Minnesota Legislature was considering taking the issue up in 2014, legislators noted that they didn’t know enough about the issue and weren’t even sure many professionals engaged in this type of therapy. Our research has already uncovered numerous counselors, therapists, and psychologists that continue to use conversion therapy. The Column’s goal is to provide comprehensive, fact-based reporting on this issue beginning in February that will make an impact on the debate and educate decision-makers.

But, we need the community’s help to keep high-quality reporting on the “ex-gay movement” going. Consider a financial contribution at GiveMN or through the form below to help us reach our $3000 goal by January 30.


  1. Will this effort include banning therapy that seeks to undermine someone’s gender identity? I’m thinking about what happened to Leelah Alcorn who was a trans girl who went needed therapy for anxiety and depression and instead was sent to a Christian based therapist who attributed her symptoms to being trans. Not only do folks in instances like this get harmful attacks from care providers, they also do NOT get the real therapy that they need. Thanks for what you’re doing!

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