The most pro- and anti-equality places in the state

by November 7, 2012

With 99 percent of the vote in on the anti-gay marriage amendment, here are the top 5 most “vote yes” and “vote no” legislative districts in the state. Legislative district totals for the amendment can be viewed at the Secretary of State’s website. Candidate totals and maps are from Minnesota Public Radio’s election results feature.

In districts that voted for the amendment, the amendment vote share beat the Republican vote share meaning some DFL crossover for the amendment. But in areas that defeated the amendment, the vote share beat the DFL vote share meaning Republicans crossed over to help defeat the amendment.

The top 5 districts in support of the amendment were in the southwest and central parts of the state.

Legislative District 22A

Located in the very southwest corner of the state bordering Iowa and South Dakota, 73.10 percent of voters there supported the amendment. Republican Joe Shomacher won the district with 59.1 percent of the vote.

Legislative District 22B

22B is located in the southwest corner of the state bordering Iowa. 72.10 percent of voters supported the amendment. Republican Rod Hamilton won the district with 60.1 percent of the vote.

Legislative District 9A

District 9A lies between Alexandria and Brainerd. Voters there backed the amendment at 69.06 percent. Republican Mark Anderson won the district with 58.1 percent.

Legislative District 9B

9B sites between Brainerd and St. Cloud and voted for the amendment at 68.45 percent. Republican Ron Kresha won the election with 53 percent of the vote.

Legislative District 18B

18B is just southwest of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro. Voters there picked the amendment at 67.87 percent. Republican Glenn Gruenhagen won the district with 58.1 percent of the vote. Gruenhagen founded the Pro-Amendment Forum with “ex-gay” Kevin Peterson who toured the state claiming that gays can become straight so voters should back the amendment.

Minneapolis and St. Paul hosts districts with the lowest levels of support for the amendment.

Legislative District 61A

61A covers the Chain of Lakes area as well as Loring Park and Kenwood. It should be no surprise that the district was the most opposed to the anti-gay marriage amendment with only 12.7 percent supporting it. There are still two precincts left to be counted there. DFLer Frank Hornstein cruised to victory with 79.6 percent of the vote.

Legislative District 61B

In Uptown and Southwest Minneapolis, only 16.20 percent supported the amendment. DFLer Paul Thissen won the district with 81.6 percent of the vote.

Legislative District 64A

In the western part of St. Paul near Macalester College, only 17.46 percent of voters backed the amendment. DFLer Erin Murphy won the seat with 79 percent of the vote.

Legislative District 62B

The district around Powderhorn not only defeated the amendment with only 18.35 percent supporting it, but the voters also sent out DFLer Susan Allen back to the legislature with 88.9 percent of the vote. It was one of only two districts in the top 5 where the DFLer beat the vote share of the amendment.

Legislative District 63A 19.38% longfellow

Minneapolis’ Longfellow neighborhood trounced the amendment with only 19.38 percent voting for it. It also sent DFLer Jim Davnie back to the legislature with 85.7 percent of the vote, beating the amendment by about 3 percent.

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