Some are already slinging mud that the NEM is just another group of ineffective, self-congratulatory, and un-diverse gays. Joe.My.God has Dan Savage’s reaction:

Part of what made ACT-UP so successful back before it was overrun by the same sorts of fuckwits and yahoos who ran yesterday’s rally and march was that ACT-UP didn’t waste your time. There weren’t many speeches at ACT-UP actions—they were called “actions” for a reason—and certainly no poetry.

The Daily Beast’s Jacob Bernstein charged it was

…as if the entire gay contingent of the Equinox Fitness chain had stormed Washington with the hipsters of Williamsburg on the most perfect day ever to inform the world that they were not going to take it lying down…Trim white men walked around in designer sunglasses and polo shirts with $800 cameras strung from their necks, holding placards that said “Equality Now.”

At the same time, the folks at PHB, among others, are highlighting the non-white/non-gay members of the march.

Savage’s charge of ineffectiveness misses that the march is trying to build a grassroots coalition, seemingly to provide a strong rival the HRC. I’m still waiting for callback from Equality Across America (the National Equality March’s organizers), but their website and email blasts are seeking to recruit organizers a la Obama’s 2008 campaign, who can assemble networks of activists in each congressional district, who can put pressure on individual congressmembers. On their website, EAA lists November 1-8 as the first big action, a series of “mobilization meetings”.

The HRC/NEM fight that really boiled over after Obama’s Saturday speech is still bubbling along. Andrew Sullivan calls for the HRC’s head, Joe Solomonese, to resign for his remarks suggesting the HRC would be willing to wait for Obama’s last day in office for substantive progress on equality. Meanwhile, PHB points out the HRC is doing its usual wagon-circling. However, as the Bilerico Project pointed out this summer, the respective agendas of both organizations are pretty much the same.

After Saturday’s speech, where Obama promised an end to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, many cried foul that Obama’s promise lacked any kind of deadline or timetable for its implementation, raising the usual charges that this was a result of the HRC’s “lapdog” behavior. However, the Advocate reports that the administration is talking to ex-democrat Joe Lieberman (who sits on the critical Senate Armed Services Committee) about strategies for introducing a law to repeal of DADT. Given the administration’s rhetoric in the past (“don’t hold your breath”), it’s very much an open question how strong they will push on this, but this is certainly faster movement than anyone expected.


California – The Governator signs “Harvey Milk Day” into law. Every May 22nd, public schools will be asked to observe the day as one of “special significance.” (NPR)

Vatican City – African Catholic bishops call homosexuality ruthless colonization by the West. The post-colonial theorists are calling…they want their theory back. (

Florida – Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) are co-opting an old LGBT movement strategy, and are demanding corporate recognition from Disney, in its sexual orientation policy. (Towleroad)

Teh Internets – More attacks on Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings. He’s now accused of advocating murder??? Start the clock – let’s see how quickly Fox News picks this up…

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