For those of you who have been in a zone of your own you may want to listen up.  Last night at the St. Anthony Main theater the world premiere of Genderf*kation aired.  The film is perhaps one of the most important independents of our time.  Why is this?  The topic is current, relevant and newsworthy.  More importantly it is a well produced piece directed my Minneapolis’ own Chris Durant The documentary candidly follows the lives of local trans performers, activists, educators, leaders and lovers of all things trans.  In the audience was none other than the local who’s who from this amazing community of people living their lives with freedom and grace.  The film addresses some of the issues that come with the territories of negotiating the gender binary in a world that still supports that blue is for boys and pink is for girls.

With the exception of a couple of scenes that still may need a post production tweak before a send off to more well known Indy venues like Cannes or Sundance – the film is a captivating insider look at courageous lives.  The film is a labor of love produced by an all star team of Chris Durant, Tiffany Roberts, Donovan Harmel, Esme Rodriguez and Rhett DuPont.  Starring Andrea, Esme, Heidi, Jendeen, Leigh and Remy this is an important look into the evolution of humanity through the profiling of gender fluidity.  The Supporting Cast is another who’s who of dedicated professionals and spokespeople  on the gender politic.  A Q&A moderated by Fresh Fruit Radio, KFAI hosts Peter Gokey and Kendrick Davies followed the film.  Shortly after the Q&A many attendees headed over to Hell’s Kitchen for the after party and Cabaret featuring Esme Rodriguez, Martina Marracchino, Gabrielle DeVeaux, Chase Chance and Jorge Sanchez.  Another show that challenged through choice of music and performance art what the precept of gender identity.  All things considered this was an evening that will no doubt continue to elevate the collective understanding and conscience about gender.

Bravo/a to all who labored on this very important topic and put forth a product that will undoubtedly elevate the dialog to a new height.  A surprise bonus was when Alexandra Billings took the mike for added comments at the end of the Q&A.  Alexandra is in the Twin Cities for a two night engagement at The Loring Theater.  The one-woman show is produced by Mary Biedler Gearen of MBG Productions and opens tonight with a second performance scheduled tomorrow night.  Biedler Gearen characterizes Billings as “one of those people who just won’t give up.  She possesses the most indomitable spirit I have ever known.  Any one of the calamities she has survived in her lifetime thus far would have been enough to annihilate most people.  But, Alexandra has a deep-seated volcanic force of joy and determination that keeps her moving forward. That, and her arsenal of talents, makes her remarkable.”

The show is 8pm both tonight and Saturday June 18, 2011.  Mention Genderf*kation at the theater box office and receive a 50% discount on select tickets.

I am thankful for all of the courageous lives being lived out loud that enrich the fabric of our community!

Love & Peace,


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