Have you seen this man? This is Jake MacAuley, aka Jake McMillian and he’s part of the anti-gay You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International ministries, a group that repeatedly calls LGBT people “criminals” and once said that Muslim countries that execute homosexuals were “more moral” than American Christians.

On his radio show on Saturday afternoon, Bradlee Dean said that his sidekick, Jake McMillian, was “playing the spy” presumably on the Creating Change conference. Dean said he’d be reporting on his spying on next weekend’s show.

“The other guy is not with us today,” Dean said. “He’s incognito, he’s playing the spy.”

Dean spent most of his Saturday evening show with Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association trying to blame “homosexuals” for committing the Holocaust.

The group often attends LGBT events in Minnesota, ambushing people with their video cameras and voice recorders and then playing it on their radio program.

Here they are at OutFront’s LGBT Lobby Day at the Capitol in April.

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  1. I didn’t notice him, and volunteers were (supposed to be) checking name badges at every workshop. It’ll be interesting to hear what his spying leads to!


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