This time of year always make me think of the people I am thankful for in my life.  Especially as I look back and remember all the fun times!   This morning while enjoying breakfast with Johnnie at the Perkins on 25th and Riverside stirred up all sorts of memories.   One of the memories that was spurned was the late night romps we used to take to the Embers on Hennepin after the drag show at The Gay 90’s.  We used to head down there and often would run into the likes of Camille Collins, Kendra Blake and even Cee Cee Russel from time to time.

The “Fembers” as we affectionately nicknamed it – was a great place to hang until the wee hours of the morn.  It has long since been replaced by a Chipotle, but another favorite homo hangout is the Perkins we ate at this morning.  Shortly after Fembers closed we all began migrating over to that Perkins as it was (and still is) very gay friendly! 

Now with a myriad of independent restaurants, coffee shops and diners serving deliciousness all around us you may wonder “why Perkins?” Simple – I needed a pie for tomorrow’s dining extravaganza and I like their version of pumpkin pie with cream.  When the server asked if I wanted straight or with cream in response to my order of pumpkin pie I stated “Since I never do anything straight I will take it with cream”! 

Anyway – the other reason we went to Perkins was their ad for mini quiches.  The chic and gravy quiche is only $4.99 and comes with both fruit and potatoes on the side.  A delicious and affordable breakfast is why I chose it as my Thanksgiving pinching pennies post.  So if you still need a pie and want a little nosh while you’re at it, I suggest heading over the Perkins on 25th and Riverside in Minneapolis.  You may even run into some friends that will stir up happy memories.

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