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Gov. Pawlenty slams gay marriage at religious right summit


Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s whirlwind pre-presidential tour continued last weekend when the evangelical governor stumped at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. His rousing speech touched on his true feelings about same-sex couples.

A really important example of this is defending and protecting traditional marriage. All domestic relationships are not the same, and traditional marriage needs to remain elevated in our society and in our culture. Marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman, and I sponsored that legislation when I was in the Minnesota Legislature, and we should make sure that the people are heard on this, that the Constitution is heard on this, not courts who are making up the law in the backroom.

Now, this is not some radical notion or some extreme notion. My goodness, when it’s been put to the vote of the people even in left-of center places like Oregon and – California voted twice for traditional marriage. If they can support traditional marriage in California we should do it all over this country.

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