A Research 2000/Kos poll of 600 likely Maine voters conducted between September 14-16 shows that, if Mainers voted today, a ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage would pass by a narrow margin (Via Towleroad). The Maine legislature voted to legalize same-sex marriage earlier this year, and Governor John Baldacci signed it into law on May 6th. Since then, many national right-wing groups have poured money and volunteers into the state in an effort to pass the ballot initiative, called Question 1. In addition, the Catholic Church of Maine has taken up a collection in support of Question 1, and has begun strongly advocating in favor of Question 1.

kos poll 9-18-09

Via Pam’s House Blend comes news that No One 1, a coalition of groups opposing efforts to repeal the same-sex marriage law, wants you to take a vacation — a “volunteer vacation” to help their campaign.

If Mainers succeed in protecting marriage equality in their state, it will help turn the tide nationwide. It can set a precedent of voters affirming equal rights. It can give us hope in places like my home state of Nevada to one day replace Question 2 and SB 283 with real, complete civil marriage equality.

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  1. Considering the 4% margin of error in the poll, it’s not possible to say whether the ballot measure would pass or not when the poll only shows the ballot measure winning by 2 points.

    The better way to phrase it is how DailyKos did: “Gay marriage all tied up, heading into November.”

    While it is troubling that the polling is this close, I don’t think we should scare people by stating something that the polling doesn’t support.


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