A Target spokesperson announced Friday afternoon that the company was standing by its statement made yesterday, which did not include an apology for its donation to MN Forward, a political action committee that supports GOP candidate for governor Tom Emmer.

Yesterday, OutFront Minnesota published an open letter to Target CEO Gregg W. Steinhafel, calling on Target to make amends by “taking back its donation to Minnesota Forward, or by donating an equal amount to a political committee or cause of its choice that works to combat the attacks, dehumanization and marginalization of GLBT people, immigrants, and low-income workers represented by Emmer and Minnesota Forward.”

As yesterday’s statement from Target says, they donated to Emmer for business reasons, pure and simple. Are they, as TheAwl asked this morning, just willing to throw their pro-gay brand – popular with liberal yuppies and their gay friends – out the window in search of a few tax breaks?

Target is proud to call Minnesota home, and we have a large stake in the continued economic growth of our state. It is critically important to be able to provide jobs, serve guests, support communities and deliver on our commitment to shareholders.

Target supports causes and candidates based strictly on issues that affect our retail and business interests. In fact, Target’s Federal PAC contributions year-to-date are very balanced between Republicans and Democrats, and we work collaboratively with legislators and officials at all points on the political spectrum.

Target fosters civic engagement through a wide variety of nonpartisan efforts aimed at enhancing team member and citizen participation in the political process. We encourage team members and citizens to engage in civic activities in the ways that are most meaningful to them, as we believe that engaged communities are healthier and stronger communities.

Target is proud of the diversity of its team, and we greatly value the wide range of perspectives offered by all of our team members. It is this diversity that creates our unique and inclusive corporate culture while helping our company remain relevant and competitive.

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  1. There’s more than just LGBT issues at stake here, too.

    Emmer is planning to slash school funding. Target makes a hullabaloo about how it donates all sorts of money form profits to schools across the country. Well, Target, ya better get yer wallets out, ’cause education will take a big hit under Emmer.

    Slashing education is not pro-growth. It may save a few tax dollars in the short run, but it dooms our state to lagging behind in the future. Dumb. Short sighted. And not what we as customers expect from Target.

  2. Target says they give based on ‘retail and business interests’. What ? Hundreds of thousands of GLBT customers…… don’t count as ‘retail and business interests’.

    I think I’ve always assumed that large corporations give to both parties. I didn’t think they would be foolish enough to tell me of particular donations.


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