, a popular gay social-sexual networking website, compiled an average of self-reported penis size statistics for each of the 50 states. Minnesotans ranked their ‘endowments’ as 10th biggest in the nation at 7.34 inches — bigger than Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas. Even bigger than Texas where everything is bigger. And bigger than the actual average penis size, 5.08 inches, as determined by the Journal of Urology.

Penis envy affects men’s health. Annabel Chan, a PhD student at Melbourne’s Victoria University, has been tracking health and perception of penis size. She found that men tend to look at the size of other men when gauging their own, a trend she calls the “locker room effect.” She found that “Men with larger than average penises also reported higher levels of self-esteem, better general health and higher overall body satisfaction.”

Of course when everyone is trying to one up each other and report very ‘optimistic’ penis sizes on their Manhunt profile, it becomes impossible to determine what is actually average. We will call that the “Manhunt effect.”

Minnesotans are only ranked 10th in terms of lying about penis size. Here are the states that said they had bigger packages than Minnesota:
1. District of Columbia – 7.59 inches
2. New York – 7.50
3. California – 7.45
4. Florida – 7.44
5. Kentucky – 7.42
6. Georgia – 7.41
7. North Carolina – 7.39
8. Pennsylvania – 7.39
9. Rhode Island – 7.38
10. Minnesota – 7.34

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Andy Birkey
Andy Birkey has written for a number of Minnesota and national publications. He founded Eleventh Avenue South which ran from 2002-2011, wrote for the Minnesota Independent from 2006-2011, the American Independent from 2010-2013. His writing has appeared in The Advocate, The Star Tribune, The Huffington Post, Salon, Cagle News Service, Twin Cities Daily Planet, TheUptake, and much more. His writing on LGBT issues, the religious right and social justice has won awards including Best Beat Reporting by the Online News Association, Best Series by the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and an honorable mention by the Sex-Positive Journalism awards.


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