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Fur Flee Slide Show

Fur Flee may be over for 2011 but the photos are just starting to come in.  Here is the first slide show.  More to...

Weekend Preview Plus – 2/24/11 through 3/5/11

The week ahead is so jam packed I am exhausted even putting the Weekend Preview Plus together for you!

From the Archives: Molding a Generation, and Keeping Boys From Wearing Lacy Stockings

Dr. Stanley Hall recommended beatings to cure "Feminization" of Minneapolis boys in 1908

From the Archives: Chocolate Dandies, Vice Cities

Considered by some to be America’s “golden age," the Art Deco era of the 1920's and 1930's has been romanticized ever since the Great...

The Fifth Column: The LGBT Community Should Not Sit Out This Election

On Tuesday, November 2nd,  Minnesotans have the choice between two pro-equality candidates.  Mark Dayton has passionately committed himself to LGBT equality.  Tom Horner says...

From the Archives: Looking For Gays in the Gateway District, Part 2

A Minneapolis patrolman immediately took James Flood into custody—in full drag—after Flood shot and killed A.P. Camden on Nicollet Avenue in the dead...

From the Archives: Looking for Gays in The Gateway District

Little of downtown Minneapolis belies the city’s 19th-century beginnings.  The City of Lakes constantly reacts to changes in popular trends, adopts the latest fashions,...

Sshh! Saturdays: A Day In Hand Returns

Sshh! Saturdays: A Day in Hand are events in same-sex hand holding that are planned on the last Saturday of the Month. You too can be part of changing societies understanding of same-sex love.

The Fifth Cloumn: HRC Responds to Target’s Donation

Deputy Press Secretary Paul Guequierre of the National Office for the Human Rights Campaign has released the following statement concerning Target Corporation's Donation to...

Youth Pride 2010

Although the planning (and therefore the word) arrived late this year - Youth Pride 2010 was a hit!  The event was held at Loring...